We talk to emerging alt rockers LUNA KISS, who are set to release their stunning new album ‘Following Shadows’, out 12th April, about the songs that have greatly shaped their infectious sound. Here’s their top five picks:

BANKS — Brain.

Wil Russell (singer/guitarist): “This was one of my favourite albums of 2014. Banks is an amazing lyricist and Brain is a great example of her style. The verse lyrics kind of gallop over the top of the pulse in long legato lines followed by short little two word patterns. at about 2:00 in the chorus vocals get really distorted and really powerful. It’s one of those tracks that just keeps building and explodes into a huge beefy ending. The production in general is really great. The arrangement of the tracks allows each part to be in their own EQ range which gives the track real clarity. the panning is really great to, when you listen on headphones the track consumes you.” 


Manchester Orchestra –  Shake it out.

Wil: “This song is so gritty and energetic that you can’t not love it. It has elements of indie, pop and hard post-hardcore. It’s very playful too. The guitar tones straight away are mouth wateringly good and work even better with a seasoning of tambourine. The verse, pre and chorus are just hooky lyrics after hooky lyrics. The chorus at 2:13 is so energetic and the screaming in Andy Hulls vocals are just delightful. The real cream deal crem de la crem is the outro. It start with this really delicate guitar riff that explodes into a MASSIVE powerhouse guitar, drums, heavy vocals, more guitar. It’s a real sweetshop of guitar tone for guitar lovers.”  


Oceansize – You Wish.

Ross Morris (bass) “This track always gives me such a rush. It lures you into it so gently and just turns on you like a wild animal. It’s got such a charging beat with a wall of guitar. The song sounds huge. I always loved Mike Vennart’s vocals and it’s one of my favourite examples of this.”



Jeff Buckley’s – Grace.

James Pedley (drums): “Grace will always be one of my desert island disks. As a drummer ‘Grace’ the titled track has always resounded with me. It’s beautifully written and you can feel the musicians restraint until the end, which builds to a mad crescendo. Epic. Matt Johnson’s drumming in the whole album has always blown me away and has really influenced my playing for a long time.”


Alpha Male Tea Party – Happy As Larry, Larry is Dead.

Chris Butler (guitar0: “This song has got everything I need at the moment: weird rhythms, hooks, mad guitar work, raw vocals and above all – balls. I like how they disguise time signature changes using melody, you can hum it but it will also give you a head ache if you try and work it out. The tones are great and it sounds massive, and they’re a three piece.” 


Alternative Rock crew, LUNA KISS, charge into 2019 armed with the relaunch of their new album, Following Shadows, which showcases the emerging rockers’ deft ability to express gritty riffs, powerfully hooky vocals, and engulfing atmospheric passages that entwine and ignite the senses. LUNA KISS have also just unleashed a stunning lyric video for Not Afraid – https://youtu.be/_SKqlS84unc ; the track is taken from the band’s much anticipated debut album, Following Shadows, which arrives everywhere on Friday 12th April.

To date, LUNA KISS have released a number of very well received EPs, including Conjure and Sin (2013) and Gravity (2015). While these releases have created a solid foundation for the Coventry-based crafters, it was only last year that the quartet’s extraordinary, amorphous vision had truly come into sharp focus. Channelling influences taken from across the musical spectrum, LUNA KISS exhibit an admirably stoic refusal to be pinned down to one genre. Industry tastemakers are now beginning to latch onto the foursome with Kerrang.com, BBC Radio 1 Rock Show, Powerplay Magazine, and BBC Introducing all backing and supporting the band. LUNA KISS’s forthcoming debut album, Following Shadows, is expected to vastly continue their growth. The record was recorded with esteemed producer John Mitchell (Enter Shikari/Architects) at the helm. The production is in absolute alignment with the band’s manifesto: distinctive and fresh, but still in tandem with the ongoing resurgence of contemporary rock. From the

massively tuneful vigour of You Are and Hold On, to the metallic harmonies of Following Shadows, every moment indicates that this band have a bright and boundless future.

“Our live shows are dramatic, energetic and creative, and an extension of what you hear on the album” states drummer James Pedley. “We’ve toured through Europe, playing everything from small venues in small towns to major festivals in Amphitheatres, and it’s all really helped us to explore and challenge our sound”. Lead vocalist, Wil Russell, adds: “Following Shadows is the culmination of many musical influences and life experiences we have gathered during our time as a band – it’s the record we all wanted to make and we’re really proud of what we created. We’re looking forward to sharing it with everyone.”

Check out the band’s new lyric video for Not Afraid – https://youtu.be/_SKqlS84unc , and ready yourself for their mesmerising debut album Following Shadows, which lands on 12th April.

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