Luke Sital-Singh will release his third album ‘A Golden State’ on April 5, 2019 on Raygun Records via The Orchard. The album was produced by Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers, Soak), who also produced Luke’s last album, 2017’s ‘Time Is A Riddle’, and recorded in Portland’s Jackpot Studios, famously set up by Elliott Smith, where alumni include R.E.M., Stephen Malkmus, and The Decemberists. ‘A Golden State’ contains the acclaimed singles ‘The Last Day’, ‘Los Angeles’ and ‘Love Is Hard Enough Without The Winter’.

In April 2018, Luke was invited to give a TED Talk at the official TED conference in Vancouver. The event proved the catalyst for Luke to finish set of the songs he’d been slowly, painfully writing for the new album. ‘A Golden State’ he says has been the most difficult of his three albums to write. “Even though I think I say that every time,” he admits, convinced he also said it about his 2014 debut ‘The Fire Inside’. “But this one did seem to take absolutely forever.”

Luke and Tommy headed to Portland in August 2018, and where joined in the studio by a small group of musicians including the drummer from Villagers, James Byrne, and keyboard player Stelth Ulvang, who tours with The Lumineers. Whereas the last album was largely recorded live, ‘A Golden State’ was the opposite.

“We wanted it to be big and warming,” says Luke. “So we used vintage ribbon mics, which give this really smoky, husky sound. The vocal was the most important thing, I wanted it to feel like it was jumping out the speaker.”

Opening track ‘Lover’ is an enveloping embrace of a song written after he undertook a road trip along the Californian coast with his wife, illustrator Hannah Cousins. “It was a beautiful journey, but there was quite a lot of bickering,” says Luke. “I write my work about the bickering, she does hers about the amazing scenery!”

‘Raise Well’ is a song about potential fatherhood. “I’m not having a kid, but I think about it a lot. We’ve been married for so long, we’ve got a groove going, but this is the point where you buy a house… have a kid… or move to America.”

And so Luke and Hannah moved to America! In January they relocated from Bristol to LA, and the title of the new album reflects this new chapter, and a new mindset; at its most basic ‘A Golden State’ is album of California dreaming. The cover artwork, created by Hannah, a four-colour lino cut of the Venice Beach canals, is taken from her upcoming art book, ‘Coastline’. The songs therein reflect the album title, and in current single ‘Los Angeles’, which is as hazy and transporting as an LA morn.

The desire for change is also impregnated in ‘Love Is Hard Enough Without The Winter’, a skeletal, delicate blues reflecting on emotional wanderlust. “It’s a song about yearning for something a bit sunnier in these cold winter months,” he says. “Yearning for more light, for that thing that keeps a relationship lit.”

Then there’s ‘The Last Day’, the unbearably poignant lead single, which has already had much love at radio and is not so much about death as the anticipation thereof. “This is the thing: I do seem to write a lot about loss and mourning. I’m… not obsessed,” he decides, “but it seems to move me, the idea of dying.”

Of the album, Luke concludes, “Overall, there is this ethereal, positive vibe, without being too cheesy. There is an Americana fantasy, of wanting to escape to this gorgeous place, but also about what I’m escaping from.”

Luke Sital-Singh released his debut single ‘Fail For You’ in 2012, introducing the world his deft ability to craft songs with a mesmerizing, piercing emotional quality. The song went on to be featured in numerous TV shows including ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. At the end of 2013, Sital-Singh was featured in the BBC’s Sound of 2014 list and released his debut record ‘The Fire Inside’ later that year.

After a couple of years touring the world and opening for artist such as Villagers, The Staves, Martha Wainwright and Angus and Julia Stone, in 2017 Sital-Singh released his critically-acclaimed sophomore record ‘Time Is A Riddle’. The album’s lead single ‘Killing Me’ has had 10m plays on Spotify, and Luke’s combined streams since 2015 are at almost 120m.

Luke will head out on a headline UK tour in support of the new record, beginning in Southampton Heartbreakers on April 6th and concluding at Nottingham Bodega on April 17th, with a London date at Earth on April 8th.

Luke Sital-Singh ‘A Golden State’ track list:

  1. Lover
  2. Raise Well
  3. Los Angeles
  4. The Last Day
  5. IDo
  6. Silhouette
  7. Almost Gone
  8. Souvenir
  9. Love Is Hard Enough Without The Winter
  10. Heart’s Attach

Headline Tour, April 2019

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Southampton Heartbreakers Cardiff The Moon
London Earth
Manchester Deaf Institute Glasgow Poetry Club Aberdeen Tunnels Edinburgh The Caves Newcastle Cluny 2 Cambridge Portland Arms Nottingham Bodega

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