Lucifer’s Child - The Order - Album Review
Lucifer’s Child - The Order - Album Review9
Lucifer’s Child - The Order - Album Review9
Lucifer’s Child - The Order - Album Review9
Lucifer’s Child - The Order - Album Review9
Lucifer’s Child - The Order - Album Review9
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The follow up to the 2015 release The Wiccanarrives from the band that originates in Athens, Greece formed by George Emmanuel, guitarist in Rotting Christ, Stathis Ridis from Nightfall, Marios Dupont of Karma Violens and Nick Vell on the drums for Chaostar as they continue their brand of dark and extreme music.

The album opens and immediately the Extreme/Black/Death vocal kicks in followed by intense, swift paced drums, shrill guitars and a deep rooted unnerving bass finishing off this chilling sound. With chants and echoes to add to the sound, this is clearly a band made of people who know what they want and that being to create a chilling and aggressive sound. By the end of the opener ‘Viva Morte’ it is very clearly that this is going to be dark and sinister – but very good!

Have no fear that the band have displayed all they have to offer as they are on scintillating form as the album progresses through the 8 tracks. The vocal gets truly extreme to the point of sound excoriating on ’Fall Of The Rebel Angels’ and the pace is relentless, at times, reaching Black Metal levels.

This is not as raw as some Black Metal albums, however this has allowed Lucifer’s Child to focus on the atmosphere sounding the lyrics and musicality. This really comes to the fore with ‘Through Fire We Burn’ as this near 9 minute track weaves from calm anticipation to a more mid paced Death Metal track, then back to calm and all the time knowing the atrocities that the band are capable of.

The 44 minute album is a fantastic listen and an ideal cross over from Death Metal to Black Metal, utilising the cleaner production to be able to provide a fuller audible experience, however providing the overall sound that a Black Metal would offer. If you like your music dark and disturbing then you can’t go wrong with this solid offering by Lucifer’s Child.


Ed Ford


The Order is released November 9th 2018 via Agonia Records.



Track List

  1. Viva Morte
  2. The Order
  3. Fall Of The Rebel Angels
  4. Through Fire We Burn
  5. El Dragón;
  6. Black Heart
    7. Haraya
  7. Siste Farvel
The new album features cover artwork by Daniele Valeriani (Dark Funeral, Dissection, Mayhem).
Album formats:
– Digipack CD.
– Black LP.
– Transparent Yellow LP.
– T-shirt.
– Digital.
George Emmanuel – guitars
Stathis Ridis – bass
Marios Dupont – vocals
Nick Vell – drums
Lucifer’s Child on-line:
Agonia Records:

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