Lucifer Star Machine // Devil’s Breath // Album Review
Lucifer Star Machine // Devil’s Breath // Album Review 10
Lucifer Star Machine // Devil’s Breath // Album Review 10
Lucifer Star Machine // Devil’s Breath // Album Review 10
Lucifer Star Machine // Devil’s Breath // Album Review 10
Lucifer Star Machine // Devil’s Breath // Album Review 10
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This and I mean This is the album you need right now, it brings you on a Rock’n’Roll, Punk/Metal rollercoaster of a ride and is just what the doctor ordered. “The Void” rips straight off the bat; there is no hanging around with these guys, fast, hard in your face with an extremely catchy chorus, a punk thrash masterpiece. “Dwell In Misery” kicks on from that with a really great track that hooks you from the start with some tasty riffs, a brilliant solo backed up by some excellent drumming. “Cruel Hearts” is a drum-heavy track that fuels a high tempo tune packed with great guitars, catchy chorus’ that scream pure class. “Baby When You Cry” is an all-out rocker with amazing guitars, melodic chorus’ with a touch of Guns N Roses and a stonking solo as the cherry on top. “The Night Is Young” has a gnarly chugging riff that runs throughout, again these guys have a magic touch when it comes to choruses as they just stick in your brain and when it comes to the solo it just blows you away, an instant classic. “Eat Dust” has bass for days giving it a real thumping feel; it sounds a bit like the Transplants, groovy and catchy as fuck. “A Touch Of Death” gallops along like a runaway horse with the drums again to the fore, a funky riff and slapping bass add up to an all-around solid track.

“El Camino Real” has 60’s feel and sounds like “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers to give a little funky break in the album, it’s just cool. “Pretender” picks the pace back up with some nifty guitars, crashing drums and a chorus that will have the masses singing along in no time. “Evil Blood” is a million miles an hour, a full-on sonic attack that does not let up from start to finish with some excellent guitar work. “Midnight Crawler” has a massive drumbeat that runs through the track with thick riffs, spooky Billy Corrigan type vocals, a bass line straight off an Iron Maiden album, stunning solo and a piano thrown in for good measure, they were just short of the kitchen sink, an absolute gem. “Your Love Remains” has a rougher edge to it with Danzig feel to the vocals with meaty riffs it will have you stomping along to it. The title track “Devil’s Breath” brings this amazing album to a close in a quite unexpected fashion, a mellow country style track that eases you off into the sunset humming along to its infectious groove.

Devil’s Breath is out 3rd of April via The Sign Records, to stave off the insanity of lockdown then wrap your lugholes around this, you will not be disappointed.




Lucifer Star Machine are:

Tor Abyss Vocals

Mickey Necro Guitars

Marshall Speed Guitars

Benny Zin Bass

Jay Impact Drums

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