Lucifer // Lucifer III // Album Review
Lucifer // Lucifer III // Album Review8
Lucifer // Lucifer III // Album Review8
Lucifer // Lucifer III // Album Review8
Lucifer // Lucifer III // Album Review8
Lucifer // Lucifer III // Album Review8
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Amid the crisis of the world, if there’s one thing to help ground you, it’s the music if the band’s you love and the ones you may not have heard yet. So whether you’ve never heard of this band or you’re a long time follower, there’s something new about to be released to raise your spirits and get you through the solitude of working from home!

Lucifer ​is back after a 2-year break of touring and writing with their 3rd album ​Lucifer III​. Hailing from Stockholm the band fronted by ​The Oath​ front woman ​Johanna Sadonis, ​has a very distinct sound and style. Taking heavy influence from the big 70’s Heavy Metal bands such as ​Black Sabbath, Deep Purple ​, and ​Blue Öyster Cult​, they are a breath of fresh air on the scene.

Lucifer III is everything we’ve come to expect from the band with their dark and classic sound. The first single “Ghosts” comes in with such a strong beat you can’t help but get sucked in and ​Sadonis’ ​vocals have you wanting more. Her distance style carries that 70’s feel while the guitar riffs and solos take on that darker sound while remaining upbeat. Their namesake track “Lucifer” pulls you in for a different reason though as the track starts with the bleat of a goat, just piquing your interest into what is coming next. What that is, is a fast-paced rhythm that continues throughout while the lyrics as you would imagine the talk about the fallen angel himself. Each track on the album carries that same old school style while being up to speed with the current music scene. The blends if the intricate guitar sounds with the strong steady beats all beneath stunning vocals really is quite incredible.

So if you want a new band that carries all the tricks and styles of those classics you love then ​Lucifer​ are the band for you. Carrying that darkness of the likes of ​Sabbath​ while remaining a clean sound, there really isn’t anything not to love about this band.

Lucifer III will be released in March 20th Via Century Media Records.



“Lucifer III” Tracklist:

  1. Ghosts
  2. Midnight Phantom
  3. Leather Demon
  4. Lucifer
  5. Pacific Blues
  6. Coffin Fever
  7. Flanked By Snakes
  8. Stay Astray
  9. Cemetery Eyes


Make sure to catch them live on one of the following dates:


The Third Commandment – Europe 2020 – Part I
w/special guests: Year Of The Goat

April 23 – Tampere, FIN – Klubi
April 24 – Helsinki, FIN – DesertHel Festival, On The Rocks*
May 7 – Hamburg DE, Knust
May 8 – Essen DE, Turock
May 9 – Köln DE, Helios 37
May 10 – Den Bosch NL, Willem Twee
May 12 – London UK, Underworld
May 13 – Paris FR, Petit Bain
May 14 – Strasbourg FR, La Laiterie
May 15 – Kaiserslautern DE, Kammgarn
May 16 – Nürnberg DE, Hirsch
May 17 – Praha CZ, Nová Chmelnice
May 19 – Poznan PL, U Bazyla
May 20 – Dresden DE, Scheune
May 21 – Berlin DE, Lido
May 22 – Hannover DE, Bei Chez Heinz
May 23 – Odense DK, Posten
May 29 – Stockholm SWE, Debaser Strand
May 30 – Göteborg SWE, Pustervik
July 3 – Ballenstedt DE, Rock Harz Open Air*
July 31 – Wacken, DE – Wacken Open Air*
August 1 – Soria, ES – Motorbeach Festival*
October 16 – St. Petersburg, RU – MOD
October 17 – Moscow, RU – Aglomerat
November 7 – Great Yarmouth, UK – Hard Rock Hell
*festival dates
^Lucifer III Record Release Night

Tickets are available for purchase here:

Johanna Sadonis (vocals)
Nicke Andersson (drums)
Harald Göthblad  (bass)
Martin Nordin (guitar)
Linus Björklund (guitar)



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