Love Ghost Release New Single, “Pink Car”



“The world of genre-defying rock hybrids just got cooler thanks to Los Angeles quintet Love Ghost. . .what’s also relatable is the band’s ability to mesh contemporary trap and hip-hop beats into a guitar-driven universe that offers possibilities, as opposed to routine. Love Ghost just might own 2021 and honestly, we can’t wait.” (December 3, 2020)


LOS ANGELES (February 19, 2020) — Los Angeles-based genre-bending band Love Ghost have released their latest single, the emo-laced alternative rock “Pink Car.” The song sees the group blending their unique style of musical fearlessness and breaking generic genre molds. Teaming up with producer Mike Summers [Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne] for “Pink Car,” Love Ghost have been prolifically writing and releasing singles on a monthly basis.


Lead singer Finnegan Bell explains, “the song is about a nostalgic love. It’s a personal journey through the ups and downs and the bittersweetness of a complicated relationship. It’s about that one person that gets you no matter what and you get them.”


Click here to listen to “Pink Car”


Above: Single Art for “Pink Car”


Their previous single, “Closure,” crawls into a space between ethereal grunge and lo-fi bedroom hip-hop punctuated by emotional delivery and airy hooks. NEW NOISE debuted the music video for the song featuring guttural guitar brushes up against breathless verses before a hard-hitting chant. 
Click here to listen to “Closure” 


Love Ghost accelerated in 2020, an explosive year of growth resulting from a consistent schedule of monthly single releases. Generating over six million total streams and views to date, Love Ghost shows no signs of slowing. As Bell told NEW NOISE, “you can expect a lot of new songs from us…we’re gonna go as hard as we can and we’re really excited to share everything with our fans.”


Love clings to you forever whether you’re in it or out of it. Like an apparition you can’t shake, it never leaves. The music of Love Ghost haunts in a similar fashion. The Los Angeles quintet consist of Bell [lead vocals, guitar], Ryan Stevens [bass, backing vocals], Daniel Alcala [guitar, engineer backing vocals], Samson Young [drums, backing vocals], and Cory Batchler [keys, backing vocals]. 


“We’re meshing those two sides,” explains Bell. “It’s not too urban for the suburban kids, and it’s not too suburban for the urban kids. We’re uniting the rap and rock worlds in our own way, adding guitars to hip-hop, bringing beats to rock, and blurring the lines. It materializes between different genres.”


Long after the heyday of Alternative Nation, Finnegan stumbled upon his parents’ copy of Nevermind. Intrigued by the cover, he popped it into the CD player and immediately fell under the spell of grunge, moving on to Alice In Chains soon after. At 13-years-old, he grabbed an acoustic guitar and played in coffee houses and backyards around Los Angeles. Inspired by everything from The Smashing Pumpkins and My Chemical Romance to Juice WRLD, XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, City Morgue, and $uicideboy$, he quietly cultivated a sound akin to “Nirvana putting beats over their songs with a trap machine.”


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