Louis And The Shakes Hit The Road On Their DIY, UK Tour. Check Out Their Latest Single Release ‘Blame’

Blame is the latest offering from the new wave alt rock stars Louis And The Shakes and is scheduled to be released on 3rd September 2019. The London four piece have curated their own UK Tour to promote their upcoming single.

Soundcloud Link;  ‘Blame’ –  https://soundcloud.com/louisandtheshakes/blame/s-hEqLM

‘Blame,’ is soaked in a dreamy, atmospheric western rock sound, with a visual approach to the songwriting. The song is an ode to the warp world of social media, and how it can mess with your emotions as Louis croons hilarious one-liners about the ideal man swooping his girlfriend from his arms. This unique alternative rock band are making noise, not just in the studio but all round the UK. So much so that the band have orchestrated their own UK Tour. They’re renting a van and hitting up the likes of Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, London and more to promote their latest single.


The Shakes describe their production as ‘Alex Turner riding on horseback through a Tarantino Spaghetti Western.’ Whilst ‘Blame’ takes melodic influence from Alexandra Savior, they are best associated with an American sound, with hard-hitting salivating riffs, similar to Queens of The Stone Age & The Back Keys. Drunk on cinematic, they’re music is like something out of Pulp Fiction or Peaky Blinders, and they’re an exciting prospect for British music.


“The performances are stunning yet there’s also a clear connection to the music, something which can’t be faked, and that lets you really get lost in the sound and rely upon the artist or the band to be there for you when you seek out that perfect moment of escapism” – Stereo Stickman


“Antoniou has the perfect vocal range for the material – with, dare I say, a touch of Elvis – and he is complimented by the bluesy instrumentation and some serious musicianship.” Backseat Mafia


“There’s nothing else like this in the mainstream world of Indie music at the moment. We challenge anybody to pull this kind of thing off with greater success.” – Third Outing 


Key Lyrics


“Was he hung like a horse? Of course he was well endowed, might as well throw in the towel…His Mozza quiff and suave charm, he was built like a brick house with his Popeye arms…His emoji game was better than mine…

Track: ‘Blame’
Date: Tuesday 3rd Sept 2019.
Tour Dates:
Jimmy’s, Manchester – 13th Sept
Sebright Arms, London – 14th Sept
O’ Neils, Watford – 3rd Oct
EBGBs, Liverpool – 5th Oct
Nambuca, London – 31st Oct
Cafe Totem, Sheffield – 2nd Nov


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