Lost Society // No Absolution // Album Review
Lost Society // No Absolution // Album Review 10
Lost Society // No Absolution // Album Review 10
Lost Society // No Absolution // Album Review 10
Lost Society // No Absolution // Album Review 10
Lost Society // No Absolution // Album Review 10
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Having only recently been turned on to these guys, where have I been for the last eight or so years, I can honestly say I have never been more enamored with an album than this. It should have been called “No Bullshit” because it is packed with absolute gems from front to back and not a single iffy or hmm track to be found. 

Opening track “Nonbeliever” lulls you into a false sense of easiness with a soft acoustic prelude before it explodes in your face with deep riffs and serious anger as Samy Elbanna strips the skin from your face with his blistering vocals, and it doesn’t stop there as the rest of the gang get involved and tear you apart at a million miles an hour with ferocious drumming and a savage solo to boot. The title track, “No Absolution”, is an absolute stonker, from the pulsating drum beat that will have you stomping like a maniac to the guitars heavy riffs that have a funky little twist, it just makes something inside you just go a little nuts and will have you baying for more. “Blood On Your Hands” is a beast of a track, drumming that is out of this world, really heavy riffs, vocals that are extremely angry and a funky solo that just blends in seamlessly. “Artificial” is kind of a cross between a thrash and Metalcore track, another monster tune with the vocals alternating between screamed and clean to a brilliant backdrop of rumbling bass lines, cool riffs and a short but really sweet solo.

“Pray For Death” is back to form for these guys, everything starts out a million miles an hour and doesn’t slow down, it has a nice little breakdown around the chorus, it is a track that would not be amiss on a Slipknot album that’s how good it is. “Outbreak (No Rest For The Sickest)” is of a slower pace, not by much, it has a groovier feel with chugging riffs, a funky solo, and drums that are seriously on point. “My Prophecy” is faster and a little more melodic than some of its predecessors, again heavy riffs are prevalent but they are the backbone that drives the song. “Mark Upon Your Skin” is a groove-fest, catchy riffs, machine-gun drumming with some funky bass lines thrown in for good measure. “Worthless” is a balls-out thrasher and a hark back to their earlier days but with a newer more refined sound, yes I did go back and listen to their earlier releases, to be able to go from fast as possible to grind to melodic solos, as they do here, is a serious testament to how talented they really are. “Deliver Me” keeps things afoot with a brutal thrash/groove track with tasty riffs and an amazing solo. The closing track on the album “Into Eternity” featuring Apocalyptica, a Finnish symphonic metal band, has to be one of the best tracks on the album, it is an epic song on the same level as Pantera’s masterpiece “Cemetery Gates” if not even better.

It seems like an odd combination but my god does it work, a ballad that just captivates you from the start and does not let you go. Haunting vocals to a cello background before the drums come crashing in, while the guitars gently caress you. It builds to a massive crescendo, including an awesome solo, before it all comes back to down to finish with a calm and serene ending, unbelievably brilliant.


This right here kids is THE ALBUM OF 2020!!!




 No Absolution is out 21st Feb everywhere, do not miss this!

Pre-order ‘No Absolution’ here

Lost Society are:

Sammy Elbanna Vocals, Guitars

Arttu Lesonen Guitars, backing vocals

Mirko Lehtinen Bass, backing vocals

Ossi Paananen Drums




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