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For some, time heals all wounds. For Finnish thrash/speed metal band Lost Society, the experiences over the past nine years have only made the four eager metalheads dig deeper into the creative flesh to master a sonic fury on tracks like the aggressive new single “Deliver Me” that gets further under the skin to rattle the bones.

The band already released three singles from the upcoming album ‘No Absolution’, followed by ‘Deliver Me’and the collaborative single ‘Into Eternity ft. Apocalyptica’.

On the new album, No Absolution, Lost Society spent two-and-a-half-years finding their ultimate metal manifest, combining all the grit that has made them respected in the heavy community and padding in years of experience touring with the likes of Exodus and playing some of Europe’s biggest stages including 2019’s Download Festival. The band worked with fellow Finnish musician Joonas Parkkonen to co-write and produce several tracks on the new record while mastering was done by Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Volbeat, Ville Valo).

“The new album is a testament to our growth as a band, as individual players, and as songwriters,” says Elbanna. “We explored a lot of new territories, leading us to the place we want to be more than ever. A massive part of this obviously was teaming up with the amazingly talented Joonas Parkkonen, while we challenged ourselves to write bigger and more personal songs that came straight from the soul, discussing the frailty of life and questioning everything we know, or think we know, about the world. The album goes to the deepest and darkest modes that we ever have as a band, but it also has tunes that go heavier and rougher than we ever have. This record is a reflection of what we are as a band in the purest form.”

Inspired by thrash predecessors Anthrax and Megadeth and the groove metal tendencies of Pantera, Lost Society was founded by vocalist/guitarist Samy Elbanna in 2010. After assembling a gridiron lineup including guitarist Arttu Lesonen, bassist Mirko Lehtinen and drummer Ossi Paananen, all in their teens at the time, the burgeoning band was discovered in 2012 after victory in a prestigious global music competition, relying solely on a couple of solid demos and a string of memorable performances in and around their hometown of Jyväskylä that ignited underground buzz. The quartet soon had an international record deal, delivering three studio albums and an anticipated upcoming release in early 2020 that carries the torch of the band’s trademark heavy riffs while adding in more layered hooks and rhythm.

Lost Society’s 2013 debut, Fast Loud Death, set the bar for the promising act with a 13-track arsenal of breakneck instrumentation, ball-busting songwriting and technical acumen that showed the young and hungry musicians weren’t just playing around—the passionate delivery caught the attention of scene veterans Kreator and Testament and led to a tour with long-time supporters Children of Bodom. On the follow-up, 2014’s Terror Hungry, Lost Society further planted their roots with a gripping album that contained every ounce of the first record’s unbridled energy but was knocked loose with heavier grooves that gave listeners the chance come up for just a little air. By 2016’s Braindead, Lost Society took a darker turn relying on society’s ills for inspiration on a collection of rage-filled opuses.

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