Los Angeles Psychedelic Rock Outfit WESTERNER Release REVEREND JUNE 26TH


Los Angeles based psychedelic rock band Westerner are a ballsy cocktail of psychedelic rock, disco, and trip hop. Drawing influence from Pink Floyd, Massive Attack and late-90s electronica, the collective makes their return with arguably their best release to date, ‘The Reverend’ June 26th.


Driven by lead vocalist Cooper Bombadil, Westerner would be incomplete without Mike Gattshall (drums), Brandon Valerino (bass & vocals) and Javier Olmedo (guitar). Cooper started Westerner after he wrote and recorded their debut album ‘Unreal City’, a sci-fi rock opera composed of surreal sounds, and strange characters. He then formed a band to play the music live. After learning the material, the band collaborated on new songs. Over the years, Westerner has developed an explosive live show and a devoted ‘cult like’ following.

Known for their electric live performances, the ensemble began drawing in large crowds, performing at iconic venues such as; Beverly Hilton, Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, The Bootleg Theater, Whisky a Go-Go etc. The band deliver catchy pop songs, driven by electronic synths, combined with psychedelic soundscapes to create exciting shows that are unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before. Music Connection Magazine included Westerner in their Hot 100 Live Acts list three years in a row describing them as “One of the best bands in Los Angeles.”

Speaking more on the release, Westerner’s lead singer Cooper explained: “The Reverend is about a pop star in the future. He is like a mix between Charles Manson and Prince. He is the most popular star in Unreal City, and he owns and performs in the hottest club, The Rubber Room.  Anything goes inside those walls.”

Recent reviews for Westerner:

“They seem to have appeared from nowhere to emerge as one of the best bands in Los Angeles”- Music Connection Magazine

They play with precision and are seamlessly capable of combining fun pop songs with complex space rock intangibles which has made them one of Los Angeles most buzz-worthy bands. – V13 Magazine







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