Fox violet began after an epic trail of living in 5 countries. Most songs had their origins in Montreal living opposite a gothic Cathedral amongst 6 months of snowstorms. Lyrics interweave stories of loss and identity and a genuine search for reality.


 About The Band:


For any of our readers who are unfamiliar with yourself tell us a little bit about your band / project.


Fox Violet blends ambient dreamscapes with dark pop-rock hooks and soulful vocals that pack a dissonant punch.

Lyrics examine loss, identity, and longing and a genuine search for honesty amidst the turmoil. With soaring psychedelic guitars and crunchy synths Fox Violet crafts bold stories that are ethereal and raw.

What was your earliest memory of music that piqued your interest?


That’s a fascinating question. I gotta say ‘zombie’ from the Cranberries, it was a song that was played a lot in my house growing up and I still can’t get over its insanely perfect maelstrom. It has that beautiful build mixed with anger and the dissonance of it all makes it beautiful to me. Other than that, as a kid I also was mesmerized by this rock artist Skunk Anansie. Its an alternative rock band with this incredible female singer, she really showed me that women can sing in this range from melodic almost folk beginnings to powerhouse. Her lyrics are so clever too.  Also she is just supremely badass and never changed herself to fit into any kind of mold of what a woman in music should be or look like. I have always loved this mix between something fragile and something heavy and distorted.


Who was the first album/single you purchased?


Skunk Anansie- ‘Hedonism-just because you feel good’ It’s still amazing. I still know all the words. 


When did you first pick up your respective instrument / or start singing?


The first instrument I played was flute when I was about age 12, and I used to play the piano (but only by ear, I wasn’t great at it but I love it). Guitar I started playing 6 years ago. Singing, I have always sung, I had lessons as a child when I went to this stage school, but honestly I never felt I was very good and was always intimidated by all the other girls who could sing like Christina Aguilera


What route did you take with your music / instrument / lessons / music school / self-taught and any fond memories of that journey?


So many! My pathway has always been that the things I have taught myself have stuck the most. I’m just not built for lessons and schooling.. I have tried it so many times. Clearly though something in the technique might have sunk into my brain somewhere that I can’t remember, but I always felt restricted in lessons, being told what to do and told what to play. I would always rather just find my own way as then it keeps the magic alive of discovery.


Who were your hero’s as a young musician that inspired and pushed you to want to be a musician too?


Radiohead and PJ Harvey for different reasons. PJ Harvey just has the most interesting lyricism, I love the way she describes things and she always spoke to me. I think her being by herself paved the way for me to believe that was a possibility.

Radiohead have this insanely awesome way of creating a sound that you have an immediate reaction to, it’s like you feel it in your bones. It’s so clever that I can never ever get bored of it.


Is there one particular album or song that gave you a “Eureka” moment from your youth that made you want to be a musician?


Honestly Skunk Anansie, but I also was struggling with self-doubt so I didn’t think I could be a musician. I was under the impression to be a musician or a singer you had to go to a conservatory or something and I just couldn’t see that happening for me, but it definitely triggered something in me in the tones of the way she sings and expresses herself that I find come out now when I sing and express myself musically.


What was the best gig you’ve ever attended?


Patrick Watson! He is this beautiful artist from Canada that I got into when I lived there. Seriously his live set is amazing. He had the whole audience in tears. He does everything, from playing solo on a grand piano to crafting intense rock hooks that are complicated to standing in the audience on a chair with nothing singing without a PA or anything. People sat on the floor and really felt it. I loved every minute of it.


Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?


I indulgently go play piano alone sometimes just to let off steam, I just do it alone as I don’t want anyone to hear me.



About Now:


So any new music in the works currently or just released?


Yes! The singles ‘Trenches’ and ‘Freak’ were released last year and there is an EP coming in the springtime.


Where and when did you record it?


Trenches and Freak I recorded in LA with a few people.


How does the songwriting process generally work for you?


I realized recently that I am melody first. I need to be playing around on guitar to find something that really speaks to me, then I can really dig into it and it will naturally trigger lyrics. I just can’t write in isolation without an instrument.



What route have you taken to build up and establish a fan base locally & beyond your local area?


I like to keep things simple and connect with people in an honest way, sharing the music with people whom might be into this style.


What is the music scene like locally to you and where do you fit in?


Oh goshhhh. Well Los Angeles is definitely it’s own beast. I love the city but the scene can be very pretentious (obviously). I do find it hard to deal with sometimes but for every person that seems inauthentic and self-serving I have found lovely and welcoming people too.


Do you feel there are enough venues around you to help promote and establish up and coming bands like yourself?


I think there is definitely a lot of great venues, but I would say more needs to be done to support the local scene of emerging bands without an agenda other than the music.


What would you like to see ideally to help hard-working bands/artists get better exposure and opportunities to make a living from their craft?


I think there needs to be platforms for bands to play at where industry people can come and see the bands, it’s oversaturated but there needs to be real opportunity for pep to progress outside of these reality TV shows.


What is the best piece of advice you have received on your journey thus far?


It’s all about the music, and the song.


What would you say has been the biggest lesson you have learned on your journey to date?

With the music industry always constantly changing – how have you had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape?



To listen to yourself as an artist no matter what. People will want to suggest things to you and sometimes they are very helpful but its really important that you don’t lose your ‘metaphorical’ voice, and keep your vision clear and intact. It is very important to adapt to what is going on in the music industry, but it is equally important to make sure you don’t sacrifice your vision fro the sake of fitting in.



Does the introduction of New Technology / Digital Age / Social Media etc enhance your life as a musician or do you feel it can be more of a hindrance?


I have a few thoughts. I think digital streaming is awesome actually as people can instantly hear you, and its accessible, but the royalty payment are so low that it is hard for musicians to make any profit, especially independent artists.



The Future:


So moving forward what’s next for you?


I’m very focussed on creating a record right now that I feel really resonates.


How do you see the evolution of yourself as an artist?


Hopefully I just want to keep being inspired enough to write and create and to evolve in my sound and in my writing.


Do you have any short-term or long-term goals in mind?


Short term, finish a mini EP, long term tour.


If you could tour with any band or artists who would that be?


Lana Del Rey, Angel Olsen!













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