Lorna Shore // Ronnie James Dio Stage // BOA22 // 13th August 2022

Lorna Shore

Drawing a crowd to the main stage next are Lorna Shore who have recently released their latest EP “…And I Return to Nothingness” which is a triumvirate of songs which at the heart is nothing short of an exorcism – and a plunge into something darker. From the orchestral passage that opens the EP’s title track, straight into a bombast of blackened intensities and rampaging grandeur, these New Jersey-born extremists are back, rising from the ashes like a phoenix. Reborn and sworn to the dark. A coming fire that even the Lorna Shore faithful will be stunned by. Twisting together influences and ideas ranging from the symphonic grimness of European black metal to death metal’s complex fatal sonic formulas and hardcore’s aural intensities. What arrived at was a new level of blackened technicality and the next step in their darkside journey.


As they hit the stage, the crowd goes crazy ready to see these guys play. Almost immediately, a massive circle pit opens up as frontman Will Ramos’ guttural tones flood over the arena. As the rest of the crowd loses themselves in the music, it’s not long before bodies can be seen surfing over the crowd and over the barriers as Lorna Shore seem to have woken something up in the crowd for them to really give themselves over to the music. On stage the band are storming through the setlist and seem incredibly grateful to have so many fans out in the heat watching them. Performing the title track from their latest EP, Ramos encourages the crowd to keep surfing and setting the challenge to see how many they can get over the barrier which creates a sea of bodies making their way forward. He continues to set challenges to the crowd as he asks for the biggest circle pit the crowd can make and they oblige picking up some incredible speed in this heat as the tempo of the track picks up. All the while the band continue to expertly play those supper fast riffs and beats and technical speed solos. The crowd are loving the band this afternoon and it’s clear to see why, not only are they incredibly talented musicians, they put on a great show too!


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Website: https://lornashorestore.com/

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