Lorna Shore // Immortal // Album Review
Lorna Shore // Immortal // Album Review9
Lorna Shore // Immortal // Album Review9
Lorna Shore // Immortal // Album Review9
Lorna Shore // Immortal // Album Review9
Lorna Shore // Immortal // Album Review9
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Lorna Shore has returned with a different line up for the release of their third album and they have taken a new approach to the recording process, whilst remaining true to their roots in musical influences as Immortal follows up the 2017 release Flesh Coffin. Since the debut album Psalms in 2015, Lorna Shore has been bending genre rules and going where their music wanted, spanning Deathcore through to Symphonic Black Metal but whatever ‘sound’ the track may feel like it fits under, one thing is for sure; it will be heavy and brutal.

Having had to create a new way to write after two departure from the band, the decision was made that for recording the album, a months would be set aside and work would be conducted between midday and 8 pm in order to be able to focus properly and reduce the risk of burn out, which has ultimately led to this 46-minute beast that spans 10 tracks.

Opening up with the title track ’Immortal’ captures the Deathcore element whilst being incredibly Tech-Death minded whilst providing a brutal breakdown and blistering blast beats, this is the perfect opening to an album that is a brilliant mixture of everything. But please don’t think you know what to expect from the album yet. ‘Death Portrait’ has many the same ingredients as ’Immortal’ however the vocal feels heavier and the overall sound is blacker and more sinister as it contains an increased amount of symphonic backing that contrasts the brutality in a brilliant manner.

By now we are getting the gist of the album, yet it feels like the album have a mind of its own as we are treated to this myriad of sounds and styles, that are all thrown into the melting pot and what has come out is something that feels spontaneous and aggressive.

By the time the album closes with ‘Relentless Torment’, every sinew of your body feels like it has been beaten by the relentless drums, the technical guitars and the aggressive and at time guttural vocal, yet it is one of those beating that makes you question when you are some kind of masochist as you reach for the play button again.

There is so much going on in this album that the only way to fully appreciate it is to sit, uninterrupted and keep spinning it as something new is noticed with each listen. Immortal is definitely a must-hear for any fans of heavier music.

Ed Ford 

Immortal is released Friday 3qst January 2020 on Century Media Records

Track List

  1. Immortal (6:53)
  2. Death Portrait (5:09)
  3. This Is Hell (5:22)
  4. Hollow Sentence (3:51)
  5. Warpath Of Disease (4:02)
  6. Misery System (3:54)
  7. Obsession (3:42)
  8. King Ov Deception (3:54)
  9. Darkest Spawn (4:34)
  10. Relentless Torment (4:24)






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