Lord Almighty // Wither // Album Review
Lord Almighty // Wither // Album Review8
Lord Almighty // Wither // Album Review8
Lord Almighty // Wither // Album Review8
Lord Almighty // Wither // Album Review8
Lord Almighty // Wither // Album Review8
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Formed in 2013 in Boston, MA, guitarist/vocalist Keenan Carroll and guitarist Samuel Willgoose enrolled bassist Phil Gelinas and drummer Chris Narainen to finalize the lineup and allow the band to bein a position to perform live and with releasing the debut EP titled Lord Almighty the same year the band set out to build on this foundation with the debut full-length Paths released in 2015.

Having taken the time to really build on their musical interests, Lord Almighty have tried to combine their love for Black Metal with that of NWOBHM, sludge, hardcore and blues-rock to create a hybrid of Black n Roll like nothing else and if you are reading this, you are no doubt wondering what the fuck this combination is going to end up like.

Please let curiosity get the best of you as you may be pleasantly surprised, even as the raw and frosty sound of Black Metal welcomes you to this album, it doesn’t take long for riffs to start to take hold and the groove to flow and even with a rasping vocal that is very traditional Black Metal the music underneath that has influences of everything and although maintaining a darkly shrouded underbelly there are certain aspects that will get your air drum sticks out and the toes tapping.

The unpredictably that the band brings is refreshing and really sets them apart from pretty much most other bands and the way that the genres have been so seamlessly combined is very impressive, allowing for the music to just flow in whatever direction it feels is most natural. This organic feeling really eases you into the harsher aspects of the music which remains the core aspect of the audible experience, however, there is no doubt that occasionally the edges are smoothed slightly.

Wither is a remarkably interesting and engaging album that will appeal to fans of many genres and will also introduce some people to genres they may not have thought of exploring before. This fresh take on Black Metal is a welcome addition and one that will hopefully continue to evolve as its all-inclusive sound accommodates the masses without any aspect being diluted. This is a triumph for the music of all types.

Ed Ford


Wither is released on October 13th 2020



1. Cry of the Earth 

2. Sundown 

3. Mercy 

4. Rise 

5. V 

6. Despite 

7. Stifled 

8. Adrift 

9. Hour by Hour 

10. Wither 

11. Hooded Three






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