Long Running UK Punk Band SNUFF Releasing New Album “Off On The Charabanc” On March 22

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Long Running UK Punk Band SNUFF Returns with New Album “Off On The Charabanc” Out March 22

“half loud, half acoustic”


Long-running UK punks Snuff are releasing a new album titled ‘Off On The Charabanc’ on March 22 via SBÄM Records.

Most punk rock fans know that SNUFF belongs in the category of enduring legendary bands that just can’t seem to halt the creation of new tunes. The latest album, “Off On The Charabanc,” is, unsurprisingly, imbued with the characteristic Snuff-style blend of Ska and Punk Rock—but only in the initial segment. The primary portion of the album showcases Snuff’s acoustic material, which they plan to tour across the European mainland this year.

Lead singer and drummer Duncan describes it as “my expression of love for folk music.”

Tour Dates
31.05. Wels, AT @ SBÄM Fest
01.06. Regensburg @ Jahninselfest
06.06. Köln @ Gebäude 9
07.06. Nordenham @ Fonsstock w/ The Rumperts
08.06. Osnabrück @ Bastard Club w/ DFL
29.06. Ysselstein, NL @ Jera On Air
18.07. Lichtenvoorde, NL @ De Zwarte Cross
19.07. Selters @ Seepogo Festival
20.07. Coburg @ Monsters of Rodeo


A timeless folk ensemble. A punk powerhouse for the new millennium. Crafting music for the sheer love of it, Snuff operates independently and self-sufficiently. These Punk & Mod individuals trace their roots directly from the suavely attired Hoochie Coochie blues & soul artists of Chicago and Detroit. Duncan Redmonds, a storyteller and keen observer, carries on the tradition of British folk set by Richard Thompson and Martin Carthy, infused with a punk-Motown beat, revered in certain circles but often misunderstood in polite society. Their repertoire features spirited songs telling modern folk tales, with each narrative unfolding as you delve into their Punk Soul Blues.

Born in 1986, Snuff released LPs like ‘Snuff Said,’ ‘Flibbidydibbidydob,’ and ‘Reach’ before disbanding following a final show at the Kilburn National. Three years later, they reemerged with only Duncan remaining from the original lineup, securing a new deal with Fat Wreck Chords for the States and Steve Lamacq’s Deceptive in the UK. The album ‘Demmamussabebonk’ swiftly followed, along with a blistering appearance at the Reading Festival in ‘99. After 13 years, the NME (R.I.P.) finally declared them “the best band in the world.” Subsequent albums, ‘Tweet Tweet My Lovely’ and ‘Numbnuts,’ were released before the dissolution of Deceptive, leading the band back to their own label, 10past12 Records.

Today, defining their sound proves challenging as Snuff effortlessly navigates various musical styles while maintaining an instantly recognizable and thoroughly rooted melodic punk sound. Guitar riffs, organs, horns, and harmonies harmonize seamlessly, guided by the songwriting prowess of Duncan Redmonds and his longstanding collaborator, Loz Wong. Alongside Dan on bass, Oli on trumpet, and Lee on the Hammond Organ, Snuff stands strong, an embodiment of their musical evolution and genre-blurring prowess.

Track Listing:
01 Go Easy 2:10

02 Charabanc 3:46

03 Booster 1:46

04 Yellow Lights 2:48

05 Purple Prisoner 2:04

06 Fireball 2:12

07 Children Get Ready

08 The Skip 2:46

09 Charabanc – Acoustic 3:30

10 Go Easy – Acoustic 2:52

11 Reach – Acoustic 2:54

12 Yellow Lights – Acoustic 3:18

13 Toxic – Acoustic 3:14

14 All Over Now – Acoustic 3:55

15 An Arm and a Leg to Kilnsey Crag – Acoustic


Photo: Eva Bo