London pop rockers NIGHTLIFE return with new single ‘In My Head’
London born punk rockers NIGHTLIFE return with brand new single ‘In My Head’, a track about trying to find the will to push yourself forward when getting stuck in a introverted rut.

The song itself has a bit of a pop/punk feel with big crescendos into open chords and fall to the floor drumbeats, with the offset of the chorus which is more staccato and choppy. At times in the chorus the vocals and guitar are fighting against each other rhythmically.

The single has received great praise by Alex Baker on his Kerrang Radio Fresh Blood Show and you can now check out the new video for single here below..

“2017 saw us release our debut album as well as the departure of our drummer. Since then we’ve enlisted a new recruit from the land of Oz, played a few rock n roll shows, lost a Bassist, found a workaround, and come out the other side with a fresh perspective, and catalogue of demo’s ready to record properly and release into the wild!” states Will Wilson, NIGHTLIFE lead guitarist and backing vocalist.

For fans of The Smashing Pumpkins and Jimmy Eat World, NIGHTLIFE’s new single In My Head’ is the next chapter for the band who have an exciting 2019 ahead of them.


Paul Foster – Vocals/Guitar
Will Wilson – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Antonio Hanna – Drums

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