London Mars Drops New Single “Alexandria”

The concept for my new single, “Alexandria,” came to me on a 6-hour drive up to San Francisco to see my brother this past summer. I was going through a break up and trying to fit in some deep reflection, along with some screaming and crying.
Alexandria” is my debut release on Sadboy Records, available to stream now on your preferred platform. Watch and share the visualizer via YouTube.
I started thinking about the web of my life that I’ve created and how the smallest choices can have lasting effects, whether that’s with love, my career, friendships, or my family. This led me to think about the possibility that my life could look entirely different if my mom went with her second choice for a name for me when I was born. “Alexandria” could be out there living her own carefree life in another dimension and I’m here, living what feels like a very complicated life sometimes.
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Photo by Whitney Otte
For the visuals, I wanted to play on the lyric, I bet they could marry a girl like you. I’ve been told I’m not the marrying type, which was also a part of the inspiration for my forthcoming record, so I went to a vintage costume shop and grabbed some old, poofy dresses and a white veil for a left-at-the-altar vibe.
I hope you enjoy it,
London Mars

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