London-based synth-rock outfit KYROS Talk Celexa Dreams – Influences & Inspiration


So for anyone unfamiliar with Kyros, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here. 

Kyros started life as Synaesthesia, a solo studio project for Adam (Warne, vocals) that developed into a four-piece, alternative/progressive rock band in 2013 to perform the songs live, with Joey joining in 2014. If you’ve not heard us before, you can identify us by our synth-oriented sound. We draw from a lot of eighties pop (Depeche Mode and Kate Bush) while adding more post-progressive and alternative rock influences from bands like Muse and Porcupine Tree.


Tell us about what you currently have going on.

Our latest single, ‘Two Frames of Panic’ has just come out from our upcoming album ‘Celexa Dreams’ which is out on 19th June. It’s a track of bold and intense stature, cascading vocal melodies and full of musical easter eggs including stabbing orchestral hits of the Fairlight orch5 sample used by so many artists that inspire us. We are also doing an online tour, with the next date in this being 26th June, where we will be playing all the songs on the new album, live on our facebook page at 8pm. We have them planned monthly up until the middle of September. 

 Two Frames of Panic

Spotify for Two Frames of Panic

Digital pre-order for Celexa Dreams

  1. What is next on the cards for you? 


We’re getting ready for the next date in our virtual tour, and have some exciting guests joining us for this one! Adam and Joey have already started making demos and writing for album 4 so we will continue working on those ideas, and hopefully it wont be too long and we will be able to do an actual tour for the album when we are allowed to have gigs again.

Give us a hint of your Influences & Inspiration that made you want to pursue a career in music. 

Joey — There are way too many to name, but a seminal moment for me was watching Rush’s Live in Rio DVD for the first time when I was about 12. The second YYZ finished, I knew I would be a professional musician. Currently, Stephen Sondheim is my obsession. 


Adam Warne – lead vocals and keyboards

Joey Frevola – guitar

Peter Episcopo – bass guitar

Robin Johnson – drums




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