Locked In unveil “Coward”, new single from the upcoming EP.

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Locked In unveil “Coward”, new single from the upcoming EP.

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Italian Metallic-hardcore punks Locked In are unveiling another piece of their comeback attack plan.

After releasing their first EP in 7 years last December (‘Not Dead Yet’ EP), the Perugia-based five-piece band has announced a second EP bound to join their discography.

“The Solemn Leap” EP is coming out on April 23rd on all Digital Platforms. The release is announced with a preview single, “Coward”.

LISTEN TO “COWARD”: https://lockedin.bandcamp.com/album/coward

The song features Samall Ali, singer and frontman of the Venice Hardcore band Slander, which is currently not active anymore. Samall appears as a guest and his vocal chords contribute with a vibrant performance on the track, which is an absolute juggernaut of shredding riffs, harsh vocals, and explosive rhythms.

This EP continues the collaboration with Epidemic Records; although the releases are only available digitally at the moment, the label is not ruling out the possibility of releasing a limited run on vinyl.

Marco, singer in the band, shares some thoughts about the meaning of the song and its powerful lyrics.

“We’re living a dramatic period in history, but for someone it was even way more dramatic before all this. We are all suffering for a loss, small or big, whatever it is, so what can take your courage away from your days more than a loss?

We have friends that went through things that we can barely imagine, we wondered if we could ever measure ourselves up with those kind of things. The answer is maybe, but sometimes the answer is no. If you think yourself as a coward you find yourself in the most recondite part of your essence; that is a place where you don’t want to go nor definitely stay to reflect, but we decided to face it and explore this human condition.

We dedicated this song to a friend who has lost his 6-month-old daughter. That is a terrible event and since in the band we all have kids and nephews, it resonated even more than the tragedy that it is: it’s an absolute nightmare. _
We wanted to write something to remember the courage of our friend and his wife. We wanted to remind ourselves that courage can be ours only if we first face our cowardice. We wanted to remind ourselves that if a 6-month-old lady can fight for her life until the end then we can fight everyday with courage, respect and gratitude.”_

Marco commented about their upcoming EP, the second of this new era for Locked In.

“This second EP is about taking an important step in life made of acceptance, faith and courage. It is definitely inspired by our will to answer the many, many questions that came out in such a disruptive way during this pandemic.

For sure we have never expected what we came up with music-wise, and we have never expected to feel so united during the months we spent in the rehearsal room and in the studio. All our efforts to make our music at the best of our possibilities and to release it are part of the meaning behind this EP. It’s such an important milestone for our band. This is definitely our true legacy.”

Locked In Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/locked.in.hc

Locked In Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lockedin_hc

Epidemic Records Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epidemicrecordshc

Epidemic Records Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/epidemicrecordshc

Not Dead Yet EP: www.smarturl.com/NotDeadYetEP

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