Locked In // Not Dead Yet // EP Review


Locked In are back after a 7 year hiatus & with listening to this EP you can tell they are back & as angry as ever.

Clocking in at just under 15 minutes, this EP is a short passionate slab of melodic hardcore reminiscent of the likes of Shipwreck AD, Killing The Dream & The Carrier.

That is no surprise when Locked In formed during the high point of melodic passionate hardcore in the early 00s.

In 2021, this is a breath of fresh air in a scene that is now following the trend of early metalcore & hatebreed style breakdowns. I love that style of new hardcore but what Locked In are able to do is break back a style that hasn’t been in the spotlight since that early 00s movement.

It is a breath of fresh air & makes Locked In stand out from most other hardcore bands right now. The band wears their influences on their sleeves for sure. Punk, Metal & Hardcore are all in the mix but they are able to craft something so dynamic & compelling that the band would feel brand new.

Some bands when reforming can become stale or formalic; not Locked In.

“Viper Field” & “No Faith” show that the band still have the passion & drive to write hardcore that isn’t just for fun, this is music with a message, real dedication behind it & that shows.

The only thing that lets down the EP is the sound mix. Hardcore at its best is very DIY, raw & exposed but I feel the EP soundwise is a little up in the air, the guitars aren’t high enough in the mix. The bass drops in & out of the tracks and the vocals are way too loud. But I feel with some more tweaking on a later release, I would love to hear what Locked In are able to produce.

All round this a great slice of 00s melodic hardcore brought up to 2021s standard. It fairs well & ticks every box it should!

Joseph Mitchell

Not Dead Yet is out now via Epidemic Records



2. Viper Field

3. Dying City

4. No Faith

5. Godspeed

Not Dead Yet is out on all digital platforms at this link:

Locked In is looking forward to better times, when shows will be possible again, to play their old anthems and their new songs and share these moments we all miss with all of us.

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Locked In // Not Dead Yet // EP Review
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