Loathe // I Let It In And It Took Everything // Album Review
Loathe // I Let It In And It Took Everything // Album Review 10
Loathe // I Let It In And It Took Everything // Album Review 10
Loathe // I Let It In And It Took Everything // Album Review 10
Loathe // I Let It In And It Took Everything // Album Review 10
Loathe // I Let It In And It Took Everything // Album Review 10
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Over the last few years within the metal scene, very few bands have been making waves as big as the UK’s Post-Metal 5-Piece Loathe. With two full-length albums and a split EP with Holding Absence under their belt, fans have been eagerly awaiting to see just what Loathe has in store for them with the latest release, I Let It In And It Took Everything.

Opening the album is Theme, an atmospheric piece that builds up over its short minute and a half-length that is hauntingly beautiful and relaxing but it doesn’t take long for the aggression Loathe is loved for to rear its head with track 2, Aggressive Evolution. Track 2 gives listeners a true sense of what this album will be due to its blend of Hardcore, Metalcore, Industrial and Nu-Metal all creating an insanely unique sound that just captivates you effortlessly. Track 3, Broken Vision Rhythm is a quick return to roots for the band, being a pure onslaught of anger over two and a half minutes.

Two Way Mirror is up next and the change in sound on this track is extreme. Dropping all the anger and aggression, Loathe proceed to deliver an incredibly emotional song that could be seen as a love letter to one of their inspirations, Deftones. The song is genuinely beautiful and shows just how much range these guys have as musicians. Track 5, 451 Days, is a short instrumental intermission that creates a feeling of uneasiness and anxiousness while Track 6, New Faces In The Dark, is one of the best songs on the entire release. Sounding like a unique entity while also having the pure hatred filled anger that Loathe is best known for at the forefront of the sound as well as the best riff on the album.

At the halfway point, we have Red Room, which literally splits the band’s two sounds across the 2-minute track before moving onto Screaming, which is another love letter to early Nu-Metal while keeping their Modern Metalcore anger and sound in the mix. Track 9 Is It Really You is another of the album’s highlights, with a beautiful vocal performance from both Kadeem France and Erik Bickerstaffe. Gored and Heavy Is The Head That Falls With The Weight Of A Thousand Thoughts both follow a return to the classic sound once again with the band’s pure, unfiltered rage being at the front of the sound.

The next song, A Sad Cartoon mixes, and matches sound across the duration of the track while still managing to sound completely cohesive and following this listener are given A Sad Cartoon (Reprise) which works as a quick pallet cleanser before the final track. Closing the album is the title track, I Let It In and It Took Everything. Upon the first notes, the song is haunting, uneasy and uncomfortable before bringing in a riff of pure filthiness and Loathe’s staple aggression. The band truly embrace their Post-Metal sound on this track.

I Let It In And It Took Everything is, in short, a masterpiece. This album is daring enough to be unique and new while also not losing touch of what fans would want and expect from a Loathe release. With a brilliant range of genres that all flow cohesively, this release is an experience that sound is had by all. I’ve been saying since I first heard Loathe in 2016 that they’re going to be one of the bands leading the charge within the changing Metal soundscape, and this album just reinforces that opinion even more. This is a must-hear of 2020.


I Let It In And It Took Everything Is Out Friday Feb 7th Via Sharptone Records.


Review: Daniel Stapleton



1. Theme 1:23
2. Aggressive Evolution 3:27
3. Broken Vision Rhythm 2:35
4. Two Way Mirror 5:00
5. 451 Days 1:39
6. New Faces In The Dark 3:12
7. Red Room 2:03
8. Screaming 5:54
9. Is It Really You 4:47
10. Gored 3:07
11. Heavy Is The Head That Falls With The Weight Of A Thousand Thoughts 4:17 12. A Sad Cartoon 5:15
13. A Sad Cartoon (Reprise) 1:15
14. I Let It In And It Took Everything 5:20


‘Two-Way Mirror’
‘Aggressive Evolution’
‘New Faces In The Dark’

UK February Tour
w/ support from God Complex + Phoxjaw
Feb 6th – Huddersfield, The Parish
Feb 7th – Liverpool, Jimmy’s
Feb 8th – Glasgow, Classic Grand
Feb 9th – Newcastle, Cluny 2
Feb 11th – Birmingham, Asylum
Feb 12th – Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
Feb 13th – Southampton, Joiners
Feb 14th – Brighton, Green Door Store
Feb 15th – London, Omeara

June 13th – Download Festival
June 14th – Sunstroke Festival

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