LØ (heavy rock/mathrock from N Ireland) Release Debut Double A-Side Single “Green Out”

LØ (heavy rock/mathrock from N Ireland) Release Debut Double A-Side Single


Double A-side singles ‘Sorry I Am In Love With You All’ and ‘Green Out’ introduce the world to the heavy rock behemoth that is LØ. The gestation period for this band has been longer than most, spending the last 18 months crafting and honing a sound that dovetails between fuzzed-out mammoth riffs, ambient passages and frenetic finger burners. Taking influence from the worlds of heavy rock, metal, stoner rock, noise rock and math rock, this union gives rise to the LØ sound. In order to showcase the duality of their sound, the band made the decision to release a double A-side single for their first release. This serves as the perfect introduction to a band not afraid to push the boundaries in their songwriting, refusing to be tied down or pigeonholed into one particular sound or genre this allows LØ to move seamlessly between sonics while quintessentially retaining the LØ sound.
‘Green Out’ plants both feet firmly in the world of heavy stoner rock led by Dave’s kaiju-sized fuzzed-out bass riff. A kick snare pattern from Michael Smyth on drums signals for the rest of the band to join, Cameron Leggat’s guitar spits out more fuzz adding to the already considerable heft of the riff, underpinned by a cowbell keeping time during the verse. Callum Ward’s vocals drift along on top of the music, taking a unique approach to melody that’s made up of equal parts of Seattle and desert origins. Lyrically the song speaks to the potential that resides in an empty socket which is lost by plugging into various useless endeavours.
‘Sorry I Am In Love With You All’ is the manic counterpoint of ‘Green Out’ leaning more into the noise rock/math rock side of LØ. Gone is any hint of desert having been replaced by an unsettling mix of dual screams from Callum and Cameron, juxtaposed with semi-spoken word vocals that make the lyrical content all the more skin crawling. Musically the track drips in delirium, a whirling dervish of frenzied energy while lyrically Callum questions social norms, struggling with the complexity of falling in love with more than one person.
This is but a taste of the breadth of material LØ have to offer.
The tracks were recorded in a single day with Jonny Woods (Wynona Bleach – Fierce Panda) in his 1980 Something Studio and mastered by Jon Moorehead @ Moosetronix
Both singles are released September 23rd with Green Out getting a video treatment shot by Michael McGlinchey and edited by Michael Smyth. The video is bathed in cult imagery while capturing the band performing, offering a hint of a LØ live show.
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