Lividity - Perverseverance - Album Review
Lividity - Perverseverance - Album Review9
Lividity - Perverseverance - Album Review9
Lividity - Perverseverance - Album Review9
Lividity - Perverseverance - Album Review9
Lividity - Perverseverance - Album Review9
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If a genre of Porn Grind, song titles like ‘Kill Then Fuck’ and samples including phrases such as “You guys catch that? No means yes and yes means anal. Hey boys will be boys” upset you or repulse you, Lividity is certainly not for you.

The Illinois based band have returned with their seventh full length album and the first new music in nearly 9 years and it feels like they are here to make up for lost time. The brutality is not solely in track name and lyrics, the music created will smash in the face and probably shit in the wounds left. The deep grooves created by the bass, punishing drums, sick riffs and as an aggressive vocal as you are likely to hear and an occasional breakdown to mix it up a bit, this grind album is something else. It is non stop, high quality brutality.

Welcoming guest vocals from Dan Klein (Fin) and Anthony Voight (Gorgasm and Sarcophagy) only adds to the levels of sickness that this release not only vocalises but also provides the soundtrack.

The quality of sound and production used for this album allows each aspect of the music to be explored to its fullest and in many ways allows that extra layer of deviance to be explored and appreciated. If at any point you are unsure about the subject matter, you can either look at the track names or the occasional sample will remind you as there are differing samples that are based around anal sex, vaginas, asking a hooker for anal sex (not quite as polite as that) and anything that  is sexually related, you will soon be reminded exactly what is on the mind of the band. They are here to make people uncomfortable and watch them squirm.

The music created is definitely the musical version of a sadistic and specialist horror / porn film and it is absolutely fantastic. If you like Brutal Death Metal then this is a must have for 2018 as the veterans remind us exactly what we have been missing in their absence as they have created one of the albums of the year.

Ed Ford

Perverseverance is released November 30th 2018 via Metal Age Productions.

Track List

  1. Kill Then Fuck
    02. Pussy Horde
    03. Meat for the Beast
    04. Cumming With Labial Pulp
    05. Whore Destroyer
    06. Bitch Cunt Fuck
    07. Violated in the Vatican
    08. Parasitic Infestation
    09. Something´s Dead
    10. Tampered Flesh
  2. Pussy Lover-Salivation
    12. Perverseverance



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