Lithic Gives a Taste of Their Upcoming EP with Two New Singles

After studying at Berklee and dominating the Boston underground, Lithic moved to LA earlier this year, bringing their signature sound to the west coast. Consisting of Juan Peña, Marvin Buessau, Stone Panunzio, and Jack Dinger, Lithic is best known for their energetic performances and captivating recordings. Their live show and recorded music emphasize their unique take on modern rock and continue to garner them new fans on the west coast and beyond. 

Lithic released their latest singles “La La Land” and “Light As A Feather” ahead of their upcoming debut EP. Well known for their funk grooves, blistering riffs, and melodic hooks, Lithic demonstrates their distinct and eclectic sound in these two songs. The lyrics from “La La Land” paint a picture of constant unease, which contrast with the energetic and bright arrangement. “Light As A Feather” emphasizes the ungrounded feeling that comes with severe depression through the lyrics, and drives the message home with the heavy riffs throughout the song.

Stream La La Land here:

Stream Light As A Feather here:


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