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American Blues singer Lisa Mills is happy to announce the release of an additional track, “Trying To Get To You” following the success of her album “The Triangle” released on March 13 via Melody Place/BMG.

Mills recorded “Trying To Get To You” at Sun Studios with producer Fred Mollin. The song was originally recorded in that very same studio by Presley nearly 65 years ago.

Mollin says, “While we were in the hallowed space of Sun Studios in Memphis the first night of recording, it felt like the right place and moment to do an Elvis song.”

Mills says, “I’m thinking of my mom, my biggest inspiration, who passed away a year ago. She once said, ‘You have that little something in your voice like Elvis….and someday people are going to be ready for real music again.’“

“Trying To Get To You” will be available on all DSPs on May 22.

About ‘The Triangle’:
The Triangle is full of wonderous story-telling music from the triangle that is Memphis, Muscle Shoals and Jackson, Mississippi. As Mills traveled on her musical journey, she recorded songs that were originally recorded in each city she visited and became one with the songs she recorded along the way.

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