Lionheart // Valley Of Death // Album Review
Lionheart // Valley Of Death // Album Review10
Lionheart // Valley Of Death // Album Review10
Lionheart // Valley Of Death // Album Review10
Lionheart // Valley Of Death // Album Review10
Lionheart // Valley Of Death // Album Review10
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It feels only right and fair to declare that I pre-ordered this the vinyl of Valley Of Death as soon as it was announced, and have the back catalogue on regular repeat and most of the albums in my vinyl collection. This, however, does not mean that this release will get favouritism if anything with how high I hold this band, I was nervous to hear this latest offering in the hope that I would not be deflated.

Having smashed their way to the fore in 2007 with the debut album The Will To Survive, the band didn’t take long to follow it up with the 2010 release Built On Struggle and then the 2012 release of Undisputed. 2014 marked the end of a short break with the album Welcome to the Westcoast which gained huge success on both iTunes and Google Play charts before 2016 saw the welcome Love Don’t Live Here and then 2017 was the release of Welcome To The Westcoast II which was followed by a huge amount of touring.

Now we have this beast of an album that includes 10 tracks and spans 25 minutes of utter filth.

As soon as the album starts the excitement builds as the narration of struggles begin, the sound starts to build and the anticipation reaches the peak as we hit ‘Burn’ and the shit gets real. Keep all items of value out of reach as a wave of Metal and Hardcore begin to wash you up and you get carried away by the tide. I challenge anyone to not chant along with this chorus and then not to got full-on pit mode as the breakdown hits in full force.

This is already a stunning album and we aren’t even at the end of track 2!

The pain and emotions that have been suffered by the band have been documented and utilised to create an album full of utter bangers. This provides an outlet for the band and also for those of us listeners who sometimes need that release.

The album rattles through at full pace as the vocal guides the proceedings and the instruments give the musical backing that is as aggressive as the beat and is perfectly choppy and thickens the beat. This is Hardcore music as it should be done for me, the music makes you move and engage with the lyrics in ways that no other music can do.

By the time you get to the final track ‘Dragging Heaven’ you are fully hyped but also feeling somewhat peaceful as you have experienced and expressed your own frustrations along with this incredible band that appear to be able make music that is great for the soul. I cannot wait for my vinyl to arrive now!!

The album makes me want to get in a pit and throw down with them, as well as thank them for giving me music that soothes life’s frustrations.

Ed Ford


Valley Of Death is released November 15th via Nuclear Blast Records


Track List

1. Valley of Death 1:40

2. Burn 2:47

3. For The Record 2:14

4. Rock Bottom (feat. Jesse Barnett) 2:52

5. When I Get Out 2:13

6. Born Feet First 2:48

7. Stories From The Gutter 2:13

8. Before I Wake (feat. Mr. Jet Black) 2:46

9. In My Skin 2:34

10. Dragging Heaven 2:33


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