In the ever-evolving landscape of music, Lilith and the Knight are one of the most visually captivating bands on the rock scene. Backed by a technically superb trio blazing a trail through the landscape, Lilith’s soaring vocals and undeniable pop hooks come with a single minded purpose: to push rock into the next generation of its evolution.

Lilith And The Knight

Lilith And The Knight

About The Band: 

For any of our readers who are unfamiliar with yourself / yourselves tell us a little bit about your band / project. 

Lilith and the Knight is is the brain child of lead singer Lilith.  Our music is a reflection of how we perceive the world around us, dealing with topics such as poverty, social inequality and war. The blend of our individual musical tastes is what makes our music special. We create a blend of hard hitting riffs and ambient melodic interludes.

What was your earliest memory of music that peaked your interest? 


Tom’s first musical experience was when he was still in his mother’s womb! She went to a Bruce Springsteen concert when she was pregnant with him and she could feel him moving and kicking to the music!

More generally though I would say that music has always been a part of our individual lives. Whether it would be through immersing ourselves in The Beatles from a young age or aspiring to be a singer since before we could talk.

Who was the first album / single you purchased? 


Tom: The first album I bought was from a friend’s older brother’s hardcore band i went to see when i was 10.

Lilith: I can’t actually remember, but it was probably something by Britney Spears

When did you first pick up your respective instrument / or start singing? 

Tom started playing bass from the age of 12

Lilith began singing at the age of 9. At 10 she got her first taste of being on stage while playing Mary Poppins in her school play. Adams’s been playing guitar since he was 7 and San started playing drums at a young age too.

What route did you take with your music / instrument / lessons / music school / self-taught and any fond memories of that journey? 


Tom: I started taking private bass lessons early on and then went on to study at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London for a few years. That’s how he got introduced to Lilith through their original bass player.

My fondest memories of playing music as a kid would be the sense of achievement I got from being able to play songs I loved and being able to rock out to them in my bedroom.

Lilith: I feel like I’ve been singing forever. I can’t remember a time I didn’t want to be a singer. But I really got to know my “instrument” when I started singing lessons with a vocal genius called Cathy Edgar when I was 18. Adam is totally a totally self taught guitarist.

Who were your hero’s as a young musician that inspired and pushed you to want to be a musician too? 


Tom: My parents gave me a Stanley Clarke CD when I first started playing bass and I listened to it over and over. I then moved on to be inspired by the likes of Jaco Pastorius and Evan Brewer.

Lilith; system of a Down, Linkin Park and Britney Spears!

Is there one particular album or song that gave you a “Eureka” moment from your youth that made you want to be a musician? 


Tom: My mom was playing the album Hejira by Joni Mitchell and I was immediately drawn in by Jaco’s bass playing. The rest of music is great but hearing those bass lines really captivated me.

Lilith: Linkin Park’s Hybrid theory was the soundtrack of my youth.

What was the best gig you’ve ever attended? 


Tom: Alborosie at Reggae sun Ska

Lilith: System of a Down and Prodigy

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures? 

 Tom has started playing the hang drum.

Lilith is obsessed with Demi Lovato

Adam wants to be a Hip Hop artist.

About Now: 

So any new music in the works currently or just released? 


We have some music waiting to be produced and some in the works.

Where and when did you record it? 


It’s all rather too secret at the moment so you’ll have to wait and see!

How does the song writing process generally work for you? 


One of us will come up with an idea whether fully formed or partial sections and everyone adds their own ideas. We are all free to write our own parts but the aim is always to serve the music.

What route have you taken to build up and establish a fan base locally & beyond your local area? 


We have performed a lot over the last couple of years and have expanded our fanbase outside of London in places such as Wales and the Midlands. We also love to utilise social media to connect with current and potential fans.

What is the music scene like locally to you and where do you fit in? 

London is a tough music scene to break through in our genre of music. There’s so much great music being performed every night that it can get hard to draw the crowds. We’ve found that we have more consistently filled venues in the midlands and beyond.


Do you feel there are enough venues around you to help promote and establish up and coming bands like yourself? 

There are a lot of cool venues about but unfortunately a lot of live music venues are closing down and there are loads of band competing to get a slot playing at the venues that remain open.


What would you like to see ideally to help hard working bands / artists get better exposure and opportunities to make a living form their craft? 

Venues/ promotors paying bands a decent fee to play. Too many people want bands to play for little or no money these days. It’s not sustainable for musicians.


What is the best piece of advice you have received on your journey thus far? 

Be wary of the vast amount of bullshitters you will meet in the music industry.


What would you say has been the biggest lesson you have learnt on your journey to date?

Take everything everyone says with a massive pinch of salt.

With the music industry always constantly changing – how have you had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape? 

Learning how to utilise social media has been so important!


Does the introduction of New Technology / Digital Age / Social Media etc enhance your life as a musician or do you feel it can be more of a hindrance?

It greatly enhances it. Obviously everything has drawbacks but oh have to move with the times, there’s no point resisting change like that. Embrace it and use it to your advantage.


The Future: 


So moving forward what’s next for you?

We are writing and creating a bit of a new sound! So stay tuned for that! We are excited.



How do you see the evolution of the band / yourself as an artist? 

The band is going to go through a lot of changes next year, the music and image are going to be switched up. We are embracing new sounds and experimenting.


Do you have any short-term or long-term goals in mind? 

To keep moving forward, growing, writing new music that challenges us and draws in new fans. We want to be part of the evolution of rock music.


If you could tour with any band or artists who would that be? 

System of a down. Obviously.





War cry music video is released on 30th November! Head to our YouTube channel then to check it out.

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