Like Torches // Love and Losses // Album Review
Like Torches // Love and Losses // Album Review 9
Like Torches // Love and Losses // Album Review 9
Like Torches // Love and Losses // Album Review 9
Like Torches // Love and Losses // Album Review 9
Like Torches // Love and Losses // Album Review 9
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Swedish rockers Like Torches are back with a killer new album filled with groovy pop-punk anthems that will have even the most stoic of music lovers swaying to their infectious beats. Following on from 2016’s Shelter they have grown with a more mature sound and with tracks like the opener “The Guilt of Surviving” it is not hard to see how, while keeping the intensity they also manage to make it really melodic and seriously catchy with a funky beat to it. “Live On” is a real up-tempo track with a cracking drum beat and guitar riffs with a meaty bass line running throughout.

“Get a Life” comes in heavy with a reverberating bass line before a killer riff kicks in with thumping drums giving it an added edge, this will be a massive hit live as it has that frenzied fist-pumping feel to it, a great track. “Silver Lines” starts out a mellower track until the chorus where it explodes with crashing drums and guitars at a million miles an hour with harmonies mixing really well with the vocals, an all-round great track. “Flying Blind” has a funky bass line running throughout the track with a killer hook that is just so infectious you will be singing or humming this track for days without even noticing, probably the best track on the album.

“We Will Be Gone” is another track that embodies all that is good about these guys and their ability to change things up in a song starting out with a nice kicking drum beat and easy vocals that speeds up with a nice little riff and as the track progresses they mix it up a bit by going easy on the vocals and instruments before smashing it with a pounding bass and drums before the more melodic side comes back with the chorus to the end of the track. “Loves and Losses” starts out like a Blink 182 track but that changes quickly as they let loose a wall of sound with grinding riffs and pounding drums all while keeping the melodic side, it seems a strange combination but it is really cool.

“Firefly” is a cracking track crammed full of cool riffs, melodic harmonies over really strong vocals and blistering drums that round the track off perfectly. “Cast Out The Weary” is the last full tilt charge on the album, as high paced as the previous tracks but with dirtier riffs and a bit more power and catchy as hell.

“Damned and Reckless” closes the album with an acoustic number that will be a massive hit live with stadiums full of lighters and phone torches, a nice way to close out a pretty solid album. They may not have the name of some of the more established so-called “bigger” acts out there but they more than stand their own and then some.

Like Torches’ Love and Losses is out 1st November via Victory Records.

Like Torches are:

Jonathan Karn                     Vocals

Daniel Karn                          Guitar/Vocals

Erik Thyr                               Guitar

Zakarais Faleij                     Bass

Jimmy Brunkvist                 Drums


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