Like Pacific // Control My Sanity // Album Review


Canadian rockers Like Pacific are back with their latest offering Control My Sanity which drops this coming Friday, Dec 3rd courtesy of Pure Noise Records. 

These guys know how to pack a punch, immediately you are thrown into the chaotic, brutal yet melodic, easy on the ear anarchy that Like Pacific have made their signature sound. Not for the faint-hearted the album whizzes past you like a whirlwind as each song furiously flows into another. The album hits you like a blow to the head, hard and fast just like the uptempo nature of the tracks the guys have created, earworms left, right and centre you can’t help but be pulled by its melodic charm. 

Going into this record we knew we wanted to play with our sound a bit and continue to have fun playing music.” says Jordan Black (singer)  “This record was stressful. Covid happened at the beginning of recording/pre-production. Not everyone could be in the same room so, collaboratively we wrote songs over video chat and iPhone demos. Which knowing me, I have terrible ADHD so it was very hard for me. “

“In the last two years I’ve been going through the worst depression I’ve ever experienced. This was very helpful for me and the band as a whole. Looking forward to people emotionally connecting to this record. Our best yet.” – Jordan Black

The evolution of the band and their sound over the last decade brings about a more focused and polished sound whilst retaining that savage, ethereal quality that you need from a great Rock band. 

Control My Sanity drops Friday, Dec 3rd Courtesy of Pure Noise Records. 

Listen to the previous tracks below:

LIKE PACIFIC – Control My Sanity tracklisting

Ketamine Jesus
Love Them And Leave Them
Control My Sanity
Hollow Tears
Waste Of Breath
Catch Your Eye
Fail To Speak
Rest In Dirt
Time Won’t Heal

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Like Pacific // Control My Sanity // Album Review
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