Like Moths To Flames // No Eternity In Gold // Album Review
Like Moths To Flames // No Eternity In Gold // Album Review 9
Like Moths To Flames // No Eternity In Gold // Album Review 9
Like Moths To Flames // No Eternity In Gold // Album Review 9
Like Moths To Flames // No Eternity In Gold // Album Review 9
Like Moths To Flames // No Eternity In Gold // Album Review 9
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Metalcore giants LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES have announced their fifth full-length album No Eternity In Gold will be released October 30TH, 2020 via UNFD. As you would expect from these images heavyweights the album is brutal from the off with hefty riffage hitting you right between the eyes from the album’s opener, right through to its closing beats. 

If down-tuned guitars are your bag, pulsating vocal delivery, and pummelling backlines then their latest offering No Eternity In Gold has it in abundance. Savage from the start there is no let-up throughout, as the tracks get more in your face and batter you with unadulterated brutality and I kinda like it. Naughty I know, but in these crazy-ass times something to help you let off some steam and channeled frustration is an absolute must, so dive in people!

The tracks are perfectly succinct, coming in around the 3-minute mark they come in, bitch slap you, leave, and are onto the next one in no time at all. Kinda leaves you feeling dirty, used, and abused but if you’re a Like Moths To Flames fan you’ll be well used to that. They hit the mark each and every time with their crazy-beautiful fusion of utmost brutality and melodic beauty and it’s all delivered in crystal clear production to allow you to consume each and every track how it was intended. Banger after banger you can’t escape the savagery within this perfectly packaged onslaught, Each track on the forthcoming album carries a specific weight and personal connection to the frontman, making this Like Moths To Flames’ most personal and creative record to date. “The 11 tracks focus on overcoming 11 separate issues that I’m dealing with when I wake up every day,” he explains. “Most prevalently, it’s about struggling with yourself and your own feelings about your ultimate worth. These songs probably showcase more of my own mind than our previous work. I live my life like an open book, and we in the band are all very spiritual people who are in touch with their emotions. I feel that is something that society neglects; we are taught to bury and suppress negative feelings when we believe that by embracing those emotions, you learn a huge amount about yourself.”

Decades worth of grinding it on the road have lead Like Moths To Flames to a point in their career that such experience can be outpoured into eleven perfectly crafted tracks with such emotion and angst that it simply leaves you breathless and begging for more. No Eternity In Gold could be their finest work to date. 


‘NO ETERNITY IN GOLD’ set for release 30th October 2020 via UNFD


No Eternity In Gold

Track Listing

1.The Anatomy of Evil

2. Habitual Decline

3.  Burn in Water, Drown in Flame

4. Fluorescent White

5. God Complex


7. Killing What’s Underneath

8. A Servant of Plague

9. Demon of My Own

10. Selective Sacrifice

11. Spiritual Eclipse

Like Moths To Flames  

Chris Roetter (vocals), Jeremy Smith (guitar), Zach Pishney (guitar) and Aaron Evans (bass)


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