Like Guitars in Your Face? Truth Or Dare is a Fist-Raising Hard Rock Release from Johnny O’Neil

Like Guitars in Your Face? Truth Or Dare is a Fist-Raising Hard Rock Release from Johnny O’Neil

“Truth or Dare” day of release commercial 1/21/21
MINNEAPOLIS, MN (January 21, 2021) — Truth or Dare is the blazing new solo debut from guitarist Johnny O’Neil, co-founder and main- stay of the Minnesota legendary hard rock band Dare Force. It’s muscular, guitar-driven rock with a powerful foundation supplied by drummer Joachim Baecker, as well as a guest appearance by UFO’s original keyboardist Danny Peyronel. Both O’Neil and Baecker are no strangers to the Midwest music scene, and have finally joined forces to lay down a new set of refreshing rock & roll. Engineer and co-producer Brian Bart (a Midwest legend in his own right and co-founder of Dare Force along with O’Neil) has delivered a crisp, clean recording that fully captures O’Neil’s blistering guitar work. Truth or Dare features nine including the single Snake phonic rocker Temple, the tal World Run Amuck, and Beatles’ classic Revolution.

Johnny O’Neil Truth or Dare can be purchased or streamed at:

“I just enjoyed listening to “Truth or Dare”, the upcoming release from Johnny O’Neil. If you like the classic hook-driven chorus, Johnny has you covered with “Comin’ For You.” Like guitars? The instrumental, “World Run Amuck,” should fill that pleasure.” -MIKE FINDLING: CHAINSAW / SLAVE RAIDER / MIKE FINDLING AGENCY

“Johnny O’Neil has crafted an album that’s a lot of fun to listen to with the guitars right where they should be – in your face. I just listened top to bottom – BEST ALBUM of 2021 so far!” – RON KEEL: HOST OF STREETS OF ROCK N ROLL RADIO SHOW & THE RON KEEL PODCAST

”If you are yearning for foot-stomping, fist-raising hard rock with seasoned chunky riffs delivered by a frontman “running amuck”, press play here!” – METAL TIM HENDERSON:

ARTIST: Johnny O’Neil
ALBUM: Truth or Dare
STREET DATE: Jan, 21, 2021
FIRST SINGLE: Snake In the Grass

1. Snake In the Grass 4:17
2. Comin’ for You 5:28
3. TellMeWhatYouThinkYouKnow 4:10
4. Down and Round 4:46
5. Ode to Mark 2:42
6. Temple 5:37
7. Red Suns in the Sky 4:27
8. Revolution 3:29
9. World Run Amuck 4:08

Johnny O’Neil Truth or Dare can be purchased or streamed at:

Band Members:
JOHNNY O’NEIL All Lead and Harmony Vocals, All Guitars
(Lead, Slide, Acoustic, Bass)
JOACHIM BAECKER Drums and Percussion
Guest Artists:
DANNY PEYRONEL Hammond B-3 Organ and Piano (“Down and Round,” Temple,” “Revolution”)
(“Tell Me What You Think You Know”)

Produced by: The Blood Brothers
Engineered and recorded by BRIAN BART
Logic Recording Studio, Minneapolis
Drum Tracking at Winterland Studios, Minneapolis
Mixed and mastered by BRIAN BART Logic Recording Studio, Minneapolis

HISTORY: (Johnny O’Neil’s previous band Dare Force)

Dare Force was a legendary hard rock/heavy metal band based in Minneapolis that was initially founded by Johnny and Brian Bart when they were 18 years old. Dare Force released three albums in the 1980s, and performed in concert with numerous national acts such as KISS, Ted Nugent, Triumph, Kansas, UFO, the Joe Perry Project, and Ratt, as well as headlining in venues throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Dare Force also had several songs that received heavy airplay on rock radio stations throughout the midwestern US in the 1980s. Dare Force released its third album, “Firepower,” with a reformed version of the band in 1989. The original lineup performed occasional reunion gigs after the long run of the original band ended in 1987, but the original version of Dare Force stopped performing live altogether after their last reunion show in 2002. Dare Force reformed yet again with a return to a four-piece lineup in 2017, and released its fourth album, “Callin’ Your Name,” in 2018.



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