Like A Hawk // Release The Hawk // EP Review


Let’s be honest the last 12 months have been pretty wank overall and its music like the Belfasters have created that will raise the resolve and lighten the tone, in the way that only high-energy Rock n’ Roll can. 

From the opening slick riff of this 5 track EP, you will be toe-tapping and singing along to this debut release by Northern Irish 4 piece Like A Hawk as ‘My Disgrace’ begins to bounce off the walls, taking you with it. The guitar begins to take us on this high energy trip, however, the drums and bass add to the true feeling that music gives, the real escapism that so many of us need and seek, as the vocal completes the brilliance.

Do not fear, this opener is not an example of a band shooting their load early, there is plenty more to come with the rest of the EP as this hefty wall of sound is the bi-product of some emotions washed away by a few drinks as ’Girl Like You’ takes up the mantle and this amazing joy ride continues to speed us down the highway with the top down.

The fact this EP was recorded, mixed and mastered in drummer Ryan’s living room throughout these Covid times makes this release even more impressive as the sound has not been dampened in any way nor suffer from that ‘home-made’ feeling that some do, and this must be acknowledged and celebrated. 

As the EP speeds ahead, the feel-good factor builds and you can’t help but want more as this drug like sound takes hold, however, unlike conventional drugs, there is no ‘down’ however you an expect withdrawals if you refrain from listening for too long.

Release The Hawk is a fantastic debut EP and really should gain some serious attention, as the band have created something addictive and fun that is an escape from these tough times. Not only should Like A Hawk be congratulated, but they should also be thanked.


Ed Ford


Release The Hawk is out now.


Track List


  1. Like A Hawk
  2. Girl Like You
  3. Too Much
  4. Bitter
  5. Wake Me Up



You can listen to Release The Hawk on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and all other streaming platforms worldwide now!

Like A Hawk // Release The Hawk // EP Review
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