LIK // Misanthropic Breed // Album Review
LIK // Misanthropic Breed // Album Review9
LIK // Misanthropic Breed // Album Review9
LIK // Misanthropic Breed // Album Review9
LIK // Misanthropic Breed // Album Review9
LIK // Misanthropic Breed // Album Review9
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Swedish four-piece LIK are steadily building a huge reputation for top drawer Death Metal ever since their debut album Mass Funeral Evocation in 2015 which was then followed up by Carnage in 2018 before  7“ titled Sthlm Death Metal in 2019 and now the band is looking at pushing on even further with their third full-length Misanthropic Breed.

From the opening blood-curdling scream of the album and the sounds of a horror movie, the quick tempo Death Metal begins, with an underlying catchy riff and pacey drums that are met by classic Death Metal vocal as the description of atrocities begin. ’The Weird’ welcomes us to the album perfectly and the fast-flowing album continues throughout the tracks with some incredible guitar solos and sinister riffs that are a joy to listen to.

The feeling of Old School Swedish Death Metal is one that is thoroughly enjoyable and LIK has created the perfect album that has everything that those albums of old had ad paved the way for modern Death Metal.

By the time you reach ‘Female Fatal to the Flesh’ the riffage reaches new levels and the chugging groove carries you away on this amazing journey into the darkest areas of the band’s mind and shows just how much the band has continued to evolve, as the sample plays in the background you cannot help but be completely immersed in this fantastic album.

’Morbid Fascination’ is another incredible track on an album that oozes quality as the riffs just grip you around the throat and shake you to your core in the way that only the best music can as your feet try and keep up with the kick drums, you try to play along with the white-hot guitars and then growl along with the lyrics that you will know swiftly as you cannot help but keep listening to the release.

Misanthropic Breed is 11 tracks that span roughly 40 minutes of some of the highest quality and entertaining Old School Swedish Death Metal that are likely to hear this year. It has genuine longevity and is an album that the band should be extremely proud of. This will not disappoint any listener and is bound to bring in plenty more fans to the band. Give this a whirl, you can thank me later.

Ed Ford


Track list

  1. The Weird
  2. Decay
  3. Funeral Anthem
  4. Corrosive Survival
  5. Female Fatal to the Flesh
  6. Misanthropic Breed
  7. Flesh Frenzy
  8. Morbid Fascination
  9. Wolves
  10. Faces of Death
  11. Becoming





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