Liily Announce 2022 West Coast Tour, Tickets On Sale Now | ‘TV or Not TV’ LP Out Now Via Flush Records

Liily Announce 2022 West Coast Tour, Tickets On Sale Now

TV or Not TV LP Out Now Via Flush Records

Photo by Eva Pentel
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“With a penchant for experimentation that seen their abrasive rock become softened by a stripped-back feel, Liily’s artistic evolution has brought to life their debut album, framing their unrestrained creativity with an expert refinement.”

“Liily seethe with a new found riotous energy that dictates every twist and turn.” ****

“The real beauty rears up within the band’s ability to let the noise subside before seamlessly turning into a brand new beast. Additionally, toying with the chaotic structures of jazz suits them, fracturing expectation, and carving out their own little niche in that dirty rock’n’roll world.”

“‘The Suit That Sold Itself’ is the epitome of Liily’s insanity with its experimental and industrial cacophony, while ‘Anvil’ is an extraordinary hypnotic ballad with shoegaze overtones. While the tortured interpretation of Liily is predominant, the contribution of melody brings a clever cocktail that allows them to push their limits.” ****
– The Line of Best Fit

“TV Or Not TV is constantly twitching and lurching, wriggling into deeper, darker sounds and then climbing back out of them again.” ****
– NME 

“As opposed to grabbing listeners by their necks with chaotic, frenzied instrumentation and banshee-like screams, it shakes them awake with droning static and marching drums. It’s a definite change in pace, a breather amidst a high-energy sequence of tracks that adds another trick up the band’s sleeves.”
– Flaunt

“They’ve grown up amid the chaos and confusion of the internet age, fed constant information at a terrifying rate. Their frenzied, abrasive, kitchen-sink approach to rock’n’roll encapsulates that perfectly.”
– NME 

“Caustic and deliberately raw, their new single ‘I Am Who I Think You Think I Am’ is a real statement, a crunching manifesto.”
– Clash

“Uncompromisingly heavy yet also an impossibly melodic bop, ‘Early Bopper’ is the latest triumph from an act that seem to set a new bar with each release.”

“Strange and abrasive but with considerable emotional girth. The track contains the unbridled energy of Liily’s early shows and singles, but feels stripped of anything passive or unintentional.”
– Post-Punk

“Lands somewhere between the controlled aggression of METZ and the free-for-all tumult of Girl Band.”

“The track channels elements of punk rock, industrial, electronic, and a garage rock rawness that becomes something of its own thing as it goes along. You can only imagine the way this one would absolutely melt your face if you took it in live.”
– We All Want Someone to Shout For

“An irresistible reintroduction and statement of purpose for the band, and a frenzied addition to their growing canon of killer tracks.”
– Under The Radar

“For nearly 4 1/2 minutes, Liily methodically weave a startling yet intricate vortex of bone-jarring noise.”
– The Revue

“Releasing tracks that are everything from thoughtful and slow burning to searing hard rock bangers, to tracks that transform from one to the other, the outfit are at their most prolific and exciting right now, and every new release has you at a loss for what to expect.”

Today, Los Angeles alt-rock outfit Liily announced a run of 2022 West Coast tour dates, beginning on January 23 in Santa Ana, CA, and ending on January 29 in Vancouver, BC. Tickets for said upcoming tour dates are on sale NOW.

Earlier this year, Liily dropped their highly anticipated debut LP, TV or Not TV, to rave reviews from publications such as DORKDIYThe Line of Best Fit, and NME.

Jan 23 – Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room
Jan 24 – San Diego, CA – The Whistle Stop
Jan 25 – Oakland, CA – Starline Social Club
Jan 27 – Portland, OR – Mano Oculta
Jan 28 – Seattle, WA – Vera Project
Jan 29 – Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret

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Liily Bio:

Liily are four Los Angeles musicians — Dylan Nash, Sam De La Torre, Charlie Anastasis & Maxx Morando  — who, up until now, were mostly known for their manic and cacophonous live shows. Those performances, alongside a couple of early singles packaged together into an EP entitled I Can Fool Anybody In This Town, drove the band to some surprising early successes: performing at Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, touring across Europe and the United States, then finding themselves on the cover of Spotify and Apple Music’s major rock playlists. But then, as quickly as they appeared, they seemed to vanish. Almost two years later, and now all of 22 years old, the band return with their debut album, TV or Not TV. It is a highly aggressive record, even more so than their early work. But here, they jump from moment to moment and genre to genre, creating an experimental and original set of songs, all more strange and abrasive, but also far more three dimensional than anything they’ve ever done before. It still contains the unbridled energy of those early shows and singles, but feels stripped of anything passive or unintentional.

Ultimately, the album is about what arises when you come from Los Angeles but want to illustrate a different vantage point than what the city seems to represent to the world at large. “There’s a lack of stuff that feels engaging here, but there’s a lot that feels engaging elsewhere and in different times,” says bassist Charlie Anastasis. “We got into the Birthday Party, into the Fall. Also really into Moss Icon and Unwound. We can’t escape LA so we wanted to make something that felt just as engaging but that came from here specifically.”

“We’re really just chasing a sound,” says singer Dylan Nash. “I think the people who are going to like this record are going to understand the aesthetic and the ones that don’t are not going to like it. It’s very take it or leave it. But it was important for us to create this aesthetic of our own. We didn’t know what we wanted so we spent a long time developing it. That was us training our ears a bit. Diving into more art and learning. We got older, developed as human beings. We learned how to write together. You know somebody for so long but to learn to work with them is a completely different skill. That process really contributed to each of us just being able to let go, let loose, careless about the abstract and more about the big picture.”

The result is a twelve track record that really does feel singular and strange. It’s very aggressive without it feeling like just a punk band. It’s a bashing, free wheeling sound that’s then very buttoned up-maybe self serious at points so it feels like kind of art school but not done by art school kids. The idea being that it makes sense by listening to it. It makes sense without a definition.The record’s lead singles “I Am Who You Think I Am,” “Odds Are It’s Blue,” and “Early Bopper” have been added to popular Spotify playlists, including  New Noise (366k)All New Rock (277k)Noisy (173k)and Pulp (81k) and Apple Music playlist features including New Music DailyThe New RockNew in RockNew in AlternativeBreaking Hard Rock, and Rock Workout. Amazon Music also supported with their Brand New Music playlist (top for new releases)Rock Scene, Fresh Rock (#3), and Breakthrough Indie (#13). Last, but not least, Shazam added Liily onto their Apple Music playlist The Best New Music, and the track was featured on BBC Radio 1’s Indie Show With Jack Saunders.


01. Mr. Speaker Gets the Word
02. I Am Who I Think You Think I Am
03. TV or Not TV
04. The Suit That Sold Itself
05. Anvil
06. The Yig
07. Monkey
08. Man Listening to Disc
09. The Miracle of Race Wild
10. Early Bopper
11. Odds Are It’s Blue
12. I’m Glad When They Arrive and I’m Glad When They Leave

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