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Post-hardcore young and determined formation Lights On The Coast declares ambitions for reaching significant development and improvement in 2019 with the release of energetic and demanding new single – “Memories”! A song filled to the brim with excellent musicianship, which applies equally to every single aspect of its foundations, “Memories” incorporates explorative elements into the band’s sound, without making asses of themselves, which breathes life into both the band and listener, and prevents the composition from becoming stale with its equally melodic, yet metallic, leads that accompany heavy rhythm sections, alongside unceasingly energetic and fast-paces nature. “Memories” – throughout its entirety – provides a solid, cohesive sound from the chaotic whirlwind of thrashing guitars and the adding the brutal element to the song throat-scratching screams to the soothing melodic vocals that are responsible for the catchiness of the product, ultimately bringing out attitude-filled intelligently and not overused emotion portrayed by the utilized lyrical theme.

Watch the video for “Memories” by clicking on the image below.
“Memories” is explained and described by Lights On The Coast further as: “This song contains a message about never losing hope and not letting the past bring you down. Love is particularly powerful and certain memories held from past relationships can bring you down, but it’s important to understand that you can’t change who you are or what you’ve done and the only way to grow from your past experiences is by moving forward and never letting your internal flame burn out. This is a song of hope and inspiration to let others know that it is okay to be human and show weakness every once in a while but it’s more important to take these experiences and grow from them.

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