Light The Torch // You Will Be The Death Of Me // Album Review


Having been a huge part of Killswitch Engage, when Howard Jones decided that he needed space away, the music world was happy to hear when the creative juices were ready to flow again under the heading of Light The Torch.

2018 saw the release of the debut album Revival which reached the heights of number 4 on the Billboard US Independent Albums Chart and number 10 on the Hard Rock Albums Chart and tours across North America and Europe with bands such as Trivium, Avatar, In Flames, August Burns Red and friends in Killswitch.

Combining the unique vocal by Jones with a seven-string guitar and the heavy bass line to create a crushing parallel to the soring aspects, you need to brace for some incredible metalcore that you will sing along to before throwing down. It takes no time before the huge riffs begin the assault and matched with blistering drums, the fun is immediate, and the sound is massive. Being lifted by the incredible voice you feel like you are looking down toward the destruction left in their wake as the band steamroll all obstacles.

As the tracks progress, each one takes on its own persona and being as the band whisk you away to where the writing process revolved around and with the change between clean and more aggressive vocals that are delivered by the top class frontman, the emotions are oozing through each offering.

When you think that you have the album sussed, there I am amazing cover of the 1987 Terrence Trent D’Arby classic ‘Sign My Name’ to sing along with even on the first listen as let’s be honest, we all know that one and are all more than happy to belt it out!

 Whilst there are clear comparisons between Light The Torch and the Jones era Killswitch Engage there is no denying that they are both very different bands and both easily stand on their own. They are different stages of life and we should be grateful that we are lucky enough to be able to experience both. There is no doubt that Jones is a great songwriter and vocalist but that only work with the correctly balanced band alongside and with Light The Torch, it feels like this is more than a band.

This comfort allows true music to be made and emotions expressed, resulting in what You Will Be The Death Of Me is, a fantastic album.

Ed Ford

You Will Be The Death Of Me will be released Friday 25th June 2021via Nuclear Blast.


  1. More Than Dreaming 3:09
  2. Let Me Fall Apart 3:27
  3. End of the World 3:17
  4. Wilting In The Light 3:48
  5. Death Of Me 3:23
  6. Living With A Ghost 3:31
  7. Become the Martyr 3:45
  8. Something Deep Inside 3:31
  9. I Hate Myself 3:41
  10. Denying The Sin 3:32
  11. Come Back To The Quicksand 3:06
  12. Sign Your Name 4:34




Light The Torch // You Will Be The Death Of Me // Album Review
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