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In 2018 I reviewed the debut EP from the solo project by Phlegeton of Wormed and Banished From Inferno, Lifelost is a name that I always look out for.  Dialogues From Beyond was rated 9/10, so I had high hopes for Punitive Damnation.

This release consists of 7 tracks that span 42 minutes and let me forewarn you, this is the rawest and darkest form of Black Metal that anyone could ever imagine. The disturbing nature commences immediately with an unnerving atmosphere before the drums erupt and the guitars begin their gnawing on your central nervous system.

The vocal is blood-curdling and the riffs are devastating as their relentless drone is the type that would be used in torture techniques by some governments. l’ll tell you what though, sit me in a room, put a hood on me and play this through the headphones and il happily sit there as long as you want. My body would break before my mind as this sound is as engaging as it is brutally dark.

The way that the tracks have been structured allows the individual aspects to really take maximum effect and needle away at any insecurities you may have as the disturbing nature of Lifelost continues to provide stunning Black Metal the kinds of which were first experienced with Dialogues From Beyond. This feels like a progression by Lifelost and one into the darker realms of possibility and the areas that most people would actively avoid acknowledging let alone willingly experience.

There is no let-up from the imposing pressure as the album progresses and it actually drags you further into the unnerving unknown in impressive fashion.

There are very few albums that grab you and take you on such a journey, however, Punitive Damnation is one of the shortlist of albums that have achieved it. There is no denying, this is as impressive an example of raw Black Metal you are going to find. At a time of year when most people will be looking toward Christmas, Punitive Damnation will suck all of the cheer and positivity out of you yet you can’t help but feel totally consumed.

Lifelost has managed to create something that is more than just music, it is a full-body and mind experience, but one that when you have, you may never be the same again.

Ed Ford


Punitive Damnation will be released on December 10th 2021 via Onism Productions


1 – Astral Construct

2 – Hidden Presence

3 – Skulldrinker

4 – Miserwolf

5 – Winter Eye

6 – Lymbo

7 – Time Terror



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