Lifelost - Dialogues From Beyond - Album Review
Lifelost - Dialogues From Beyond - Album Review9
Lifelost - Dialogues From Beyond - Album Review9
Lifelost - Dialogues From Beyond - Album Review9
Lifelost - Dialogues From Beyond - Album Review9
Lifelost - Dialogues From Beyond - Album Review9
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Switching gears from being in Wormed, Phlegeton focusses on the dark and haunting with new one man band Lifelost as he begins to create his interpretation of Black Metal.

The release consists of 5 tracks, spanning 24 minutes and opens with ‘Malign Emanatio’ and the colliding sounds commence joined with the deep and disturbing vocal, mixed with backing disturbing voices. The riffs are haunting in their simplicity and the backing effects add to the unease. The pace is relatively swift and welcomes you to this new creation nicely.

Up next is ‘Sepulchral Vault’ which follows a similar mould the drums sound deeper and gloomier, which matched with contrasting wondrously droning guitars and high-pitched notes, layered with a growling vocal, it really creates something special. The undertone in this track really is sadistic.

‘Released From Life’ is the midpoint and an atmospheric introduction with some metallic noises cant help but bring some images to the mind. Then the music kicks in and this does nothing to calm any nerves as a heavy riff takes over in and runs throughout the track in simply disturbing fashion.

‘Metanoia’ begins with howling guitars and thudding drums, backed with a straight forward constant high pitched guitar before delving deeper into the dark and reaching new depths of a sadistic sound that we are now craving for more of.

Closing the album is ‘Incorporeal Gate’ which is a combination of everything we have come to expect from the disturbed mind of Phlegeton, as he drives the dark and disturbing album home as the blackness fills every cell.

This creation would be impressive for a full band, let alone one person who seems on a mission to find and the deepest and darkest Black Metal possible. It is concerning, disturbing and fantastic all rolled together under the heading of Lifelost. This is not typical Black Metal, it is complex and engaging as it contorts and moulds around the mind, in disturbing glory.



Ed Ford


Dialogues From Beyond is released October 28thVia Transcending Obscurity Records.


Track List

  1. Malign Emanatio
    2. Sepulchral Vault
    3. Released From Life
    4. Metanoia
    5. Incorporeal Gate


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