Lido Beach has launched pre-orders for a new acoustic version of fan favorite “My, Oh My.”

Lido Beach’s Scott Waldman says:

“Due to the success of the “You Fell Hard” single and a shit ton of nostalgia, I decided to record an acoustic version of Lido Beach’s “My Oh My.” The song is literally tattooed on two feet, has been featured in the (fucking) Super Bowl, and has been making me/others happy since I wrote it in 2001. I recorded a version with my Ann Arbor band Blue Delusion in 2003, with Christopher Fudurich and Coby Linder as Lido Beach in 2007, and this stripped down version with Chris Fudurich and Steve Krolikowski earlier this summer. Here’s what you can do:
1. Pre-save the single on Spotify NOW:
2. Pre-order the single on iTunes on October 26 (it goes live everywhere on November 2)
3. Have a good week!
4. Shabbat Shalom”

Official Website

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In other news, Lido Beach frontman Scott Waldman is celebrating the 100th episode of his popular weekly Idobi Radio show Waldman’s Words, this week.

A former touring musician turned manager, Waldman launched the show in 2016 with the intention of highlighting up-and-coming artists, managers, and other music industry players, in an intimate, informative and fun way, as well offering insight into how others can break into the music business themselves.

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