Progressive metal formation LestWeForget presents the group’s impressive technical and songwriting capabilities with “Zero Won” – an organic and cohesive product, which provides a spectacular tonally and stylistically diverse composition that clearly showcases the work of a skilled, mature and self-assured band with already developed self-assessment of its qualities, abilities and artistic vision. Incorporating encompassing influences subtly into a progressive metal setting, “Zero Won” provides a comforting alternative tone, in between the bursts of technical insanity, with strong melody and technical precision, as it is constructed by multiple magnificent pieces (comprised of heavy riffing, a mixture of clean and harsh vocals, versatile drumming and a flawless intuition for song development) that don’t waste a single note or lose focus, or the listener’s attention, for a single moment.



Presenting further information about the specific characteristics and aspects that are forming the essence of “Zero Won”LestWeForget adds: “This song is an introduction to a story which finds our two protagonists fighting to survive in a dystopian world, where emotions are a distant memory. It’s a departure from our previous work in that it introduces a more progressive, riff-driven sound, intertwined with the symphonic elements and huge, cascading choruses that we have enjoyed writing before. The song sets the scene lyrically for the narrative that follows in the rest of the record, but it’s also a single in its own right with crushing riffs and catchy vocals.

“Zero Won” is off LestWeForget‘s upcoming EP – “Theatres Of The Mind” – to be released on 18th October!



1. “Litany”
2. “Pt. 1: Alexithymia”
3. “Zero Won”
4. “Opia”
5. “Pt. 2: The Binary Sun”

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