Progressive metal formation LestWeForget premieres the brand new representation of the group’s notable musicianship and composing potential – “Visitors”! Following the established tendency of the band to continuously perfect its characteristic approach to developing and presenting complex music ideas and concepts as crafted, polished and cohesive products, this single impresses with its prolific balance between the melody and the technicality that the different aspects of the composition achieve with ease and natural intuition. With its remarkable construction and its subsequent execution, “Visitors” is yet another clear and undeniable example that proves LestWeForget’s significant capacity and talent to create quality and comprehensible music that, however, escapes the traps of the conventional genres’ limitations.
Watch the video for “Visitors” by clicking on the image below.
Talking about the essence of “Visitors”, LestWeForget further clarifies: “This is an exciting song for us because we incorporated a number of new influences and styles into the writing process. We took inspiration from a wide range of genres, from jazz to modern metal, which allowed us the freedom to compose a song that changes from crushing heavy riffs to moments of quieter reflection in the blink of an eye – all without sacrificing the more melodic side of ourselves that we have always loved to showcase. We found experimenting with the music in this way to be a really positive challenge, and we hope that you enjoy the result as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

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