Less Than Jake // Skinny Lister // The Toasters // Millie Manders & The Shutup // Live Review // 02 Birmingham

Unsurprisingly to those who read my reviews, I was once again heading to the o2 Institute in Birmingham for yet another gig. This time it was for a night of Ska-Punk happiness as Less than Jake were headlining and I was incredibly excited to hear the new album live.

First up on the bill were Millie Manders and The Shutup, punky 4-piece that incorporated elements of Ska, pop-punk and hardcore into their energetic set. Despite the small crowd, those in attendance were all dancing and enjoying the vibes created by the tight performance. It’s a shame they were on so early as they feel like the type of band who thrive in a packed room to engage with, but they made the most of their set and seemed to have a great time doing so.

The next of the nights acts were the New York Ska legends The Toasters, who within moments had the crowd skanking thanks to the upbeat upstrokes and Constant tooting of trumpets and saxophones. With the room filling and the crowd moving, it finally started to feel just like a ska show should.

Moving along, the nights main support Skinny Lister took the stage to treat audiences to a set of Folk-Punk goodness. Despite the vast difference in the sound between the acts, Skinny Lister fit the bill incredibly well and gave an incredibly tight set that all those in attendance loved. My personal highlight was when the bassist decided to lift a standing bass above his head and continue to play without missing a note, that alone is an insane achievement.

With the previous acts all building the energy flawlessly, it wasn’t much longer until Less Than Jake took to the stage to release an incredibly energetic wave of Ska-Punk fun. With the crowd in a frenzy, the band unleashed an incredibly tight performance that encapsulated everything that people love about Ska-Punk. My personal highlights were Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sellouts and All My Best Friends Are Metalheads, to say my inner 14 year old was having the time of their life would be an understatement and a half.

Overall, despite the slightly smaller crowd than usual for the Institute, the night was truly great. With amazing performances from all involved and just immaculate vibes across the entire duration, once again, I walked away from a show happy, energised and just even more in love with music than before.


Big thanks to Dan @ Pulse Media Visuals for the excellent Photography & Review






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