Leslie West // Legacy: A Tribute to Leslie West // Album Review


The late great Leslie West sadly passed on in Dec 2020 and left behind him a legacy few could dream of, an artist and creative working solidly from the late 60’ right through to 2015 with his last studio recording ‘Soundcheck’ ,West was one of the greats. 

Understandably this is why so many came to the call when this project was put forward, originally West had planned on an album revisiting some of his catalogue with guest artists but that sadly never came to fruition and he sadly passed before it could be realised. 

Friends, and many who were influenced by the loved West, have contributed to this special release.  Amongst those who performed are Dee Snider and Twisted Sister bandmate Eddie Ojeda, Robby Krieger, Slash, Zakk Wilde, Randy and Tal Bachman, Jethro Tull’s Martin Barre, Joe Lynn Turner, Blackberry Smoke’s Charlie Starr, The Cars’ Elliot Easton, George Lynch, Marty Friedman, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Morse, Dirty Honey’s Mark Labelle, Mike Portnoy, and West’s band members Bobby Rondinelli and Rev Jones. 

When Leslie West passed away in December of 2020, he left behind a towering legacy of epic recordings that few rock guitarists can match. But there was more to West than great songs (although to be sure, he created a ton of them); there was his brilliant, idiosyncratic sound that razed arenas and stadiums across the globe. More than just a paralyzing tone, though, he also had a touch nobody could beat.

 “There was nobody on earth quite like Leslie,” says the guitarist’s widow, Jenni West. “The second you heard him play, you knew it was him. He loved playing the guitar and making music. He lived to make people feel good – it was his passion. He was famous to his fans throughout The World, but he was adored by other musicians. Everybody from country stars, rappers and heavy metal players – they all loved Leslie. He found it surprising, but I think he was also pleased to know how much he inspired other musicians.”

 West’s longtime manager, Bob Ringe, agrees, saying, “I’ve worked with some of the greatest guitarists on the planet, and nobody could hold a candle to Leslie. He was so unique and special – his sound, his style, his power and warmth. Any guitarist I talk to has been influenced in some way by him. They broke the mould when they made him, and he took it with him when he passed away. He was a true one of a kind.”

The album is a beautiful tribute to an astounding artist, jam-packed with killer musicians and musicianship as you would expect of this calibre. Bitching guitar work worthy of the great man himself, Leslie will no doubt be jamming along grinning with delight at the killer guitarist assembled in his honour. 

Legacy: A Tribute To Leslie West

 Released: 25th March 2022 Via: Provogue / Mascot Label Group




1. Blood of the Sun (feat. Zakk Wylde)

 2. Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin) (feat. Joe Lynn Turner, Marty Friedman)

 3. Theme for an Imaginary Western (feat. Dee Snider, Mike Portnoy)

 4. For Yasgur’s Farm (feat. Joe Lynn Turner, Martin Barre)

 5. Why Dontcha (feat. Steve Morse, Ronnie Romero)

 6. Sittin’ On a Rainbow (feat. Elliot Easton, Ronnie Romero)

 7. Never in My Life (feat. Dee Snider, George Lynch)

 8. The Doctor (feat. Robby Krieger, Ronnie Romero)

 9. Silver Paper (feat. Charlie Starr)

 10. Money (Whatcha Gonna Do)/By the River – medley (feat. Randy Bachman & Tal Bachman)

 11. Long Red (feat. Yngwie Malmsteen & Teddy Rondinelli)

 12. Mississippi Queen (feat. Slash, Marc Labelle)






Leslie West // Legacy: A Tribute to Leslie West // Album Review
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