Legendary Rock Producer Jay Baumgardner Launches New Label NRG RecordingsTeams up With Vydia for Distribution Deal

Legendary Rock Producer Jay Baumgardner Launches New Label NRG Recordings

Teams up With Vydia for Distribution Deal


Jay Baumgardner, renowned rock producer, engineer, mixer, and owner of North Hollywood’s iconic NRG Recording Studios, has teamed up with distributor Vydia to launch his new label NRG Recordings. Baumgardner’s NRG Recording Studios is responsible for the recording of some of the most iconic rock albums of the 90s and 00s from bands like Korn, Linkin Park, Staind, Evanescence, The Offspring, and more. After getting his start developing artists and producing for legendary talents, Baumgardner resisted the idea of his own label for years. It was crucial for Baumgardner to be transparent with his artists and pay them on time – unlike many independent labels, Vydia has the technology that enables Baumgardner to do just that.  


“Now with the technology and great distributors like Vydia, it’s the right time to go out on your own and do this yourself. It’s an exciting time to start a label when you find artists you want to work with and take them to the next level.”


In the past 20 years, Baumgardner has mixed and produced on iconic albums such as Papa Roach, Infest (2000), Evanescence, Fallen (2003) and Bush, The Sea of Memories (2011), many of which have gone multi-platinum and collectively sold over 50 million copies. He is well-known for being able to create “the hit single” with his clients across the globe, and for playing an active role in helping his clients achieve the success that they truly deserve. 


With a mission to cut through the noise and make things that are special and will stand out, NRG Recordings signed its first artist, Wavy Trees, who is gearing up for their first release at the end of this month. The Los Angeles-based garage-punk band will release their first debut single, “I Wanna Go Out” on 3/26, the perfect anthem for the pent-up frustration that so many are feeling after being in pandemic lockdown for more than a year. 


Pre-save here: vydia.lnk.to/IWannaGoOut


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