LEE ROGERS: Drops New Single & Video “THE HOUSE” – Friday 26th February 2021


Friday 26th February 2021

Lee Rogers slides into 2021 with his next release ‘The House’ 

Produced by Gareth Dunlop, The House lays bare the honesty that’s continuously present in Lees’ songwriting. The poetic venerability of Lees’ words against the hypnotic backdrop in the production showcases the rarity in Lee’s ability.

“I wrote The House after driving past where I lived as a kid. For a long time, I subdued any memories of the place. Not because they were bad memories. The opposite, they were amazing memories. Both of my parents are gone. My mum passed when she was probably about the age I am now, and my dad a few years ago. I think I dodged having to think about them for a long time. I was finding it hard to connect my own children to their legacy. I found myself writing a song that forced me to look through old photos (which I have never liked to do), and found the song as a connection between my folks and my children. And probably to myself as well. The line ‘still got some songs in the walls’ was a nod to my parent’s legacy. Their stories aren’t over yet while I’m here, while all their grandchildren are here. It stung a little….well, more than a little, but I needed it. I needed to feel them again. It’s been a year of loss, for everyone. But I gained something I wasn’t expecting from this song. A little bit of peace inside. “

The Single and accompanying music video is due for release on Friday 26th February 2021 

It’s good to have Lee back! Who would have thought that such a wild man could age like wine, I’ve never heard him sounding better: Foy Vance 


Lee Rogers combines the songwriting skills of the likes of Tom Petty & Tom Waits, with the soulful delivery of a delta blues singer – one to watch: John Kearns, COOL FM

There’s a soulful quality at play in his songwriting and performance that sets him apart from the singer-songwriter crowd: Ralph McLean, BBC Radio Ulster


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