Lee Rogers // Dark Notions // EP Review


Northern Irish singer-songwriter Lee Rogers recently dropped his latest offering Dark Notions courtesy of Zenith Cafe. The six songs are a dark, sonic journey told through the mind of this talented individual. The EP opens up with ‘Hellbound’ which has a haunting vibe to its dark melodic tone and it sets up the stall nicely. It’s almost slightly reminiscent of the infamous Alabama 3’s theme song for the HBO tv series True Blood with its gnarly, disturbing vibe. 

‘Further On Up The Road’ carries on with that gritty feel, another deep emotive sounding track you could imagine easily coming from the Bonamassa house of blues, all you need is that cutting tone of Joe’s Gold Top Les Paul and if you closed your eyes you’d swear it was Bonamassa track. ‘Citizen General’ delivers a more anthemic sounding vibe with is the gargantuan rousing chorus building up like a crescendo before the EP takes a deviation with the Bee Gee’s classic ‘Stayin’ Alive’, but not as you know it, Jim, as the flavour of this EP it is taken at a canter with a sultry vibe and a tasteful rendition indeed. Whilst the EP wraps up with two strings tracks in ‘Blood In Blood Out’ and ‘Ashes And Bones’ with its more melancholic feel. 

All in all this is a beautifully written EP, poignant and apt in these dark and stormy times. If Lee Rogers was not on your radar Dark Notions will change that, six tracks that make their mark and leave a lasting impression. 

Dark Notions is out now via Zenith Cafe and can be heard through all purveyors of fine music. 


Dark Notions track listing: 

Side A

01. Hellbound

02. Further On Up the Road

03. Citizen General

Side B

04. Stayin’ Alive

05. Blood in Blood Out

06. Ashes and Bones

Release schedule:

·       20.10.21 – Hellbound

·       22.10.21 – Blood In Blood Out

·       27.10.21 – Further On Up The Road

Dark Notions EP had its digital release on 29th Oct 2021

Followed by limited edition vinyl available through www.leerogers.co.uk