Lé Tired Shares New Single “Far Out” feat. Sean Mackin of Yellowcard

Lé Tired

Shares New Single

“Far Out” feat. Sean Mackin of Yellowcard

Listen Now Here

Watch a Special “Making Of” Video Here

June 3, 2024 – Rock supergroup Lé Tired has today released their new single “Far Out”. The song, featuring violinist Sean Mackin of Yellowcard, speaks to the rise of the internet and how – in a world that is more connected than ever – people have become disconnected and complacent. Fans can stream the song now, here, and watch a special “Making Of” video here.

“Being the last generation to grow up “pre internet” has given us a wild perspective on the impacts of technology on our culture. People seem to be completely removed from reality at times, and even more strange, they seem ok with it,” shares Joey Bradford. “It was a casual conversation we had with our childhood hero, Sean Mackin from Yellowcard, before humbly asking him to make a jam with us. The irony is, Yellowcard was the first band I ever illegally downloaded when the internet started poisoning us all. ‘I just find it far out’.”

Lé Tired is 3 best friends making music together for the first time in 20 years. Featuring Cove Reber (SAOSIN/Dead American), Joey Bradford (The Used), Kyle Rosa (Atreyu/Dead American) and their talented friends from around the world, making art for mental health. The band and concept to write, record and release a song every month, was born in January of 2024 after a casual conversation between old friends. “We should just start making music together again, right” Cove Reber shouted in Joeys studio during a late night Dad hang. 10 days later the band launched with the release of “My Seasonal Ghost”, followed by monthly releases all year long.

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