Sludge trio CARCHARODON unleash blistering, new video
‘Zebra Coat Cobra Head’ !


Italy’s Sludge Metal trio Carcharodon, who released their third album titled ‘Bukkraken’ in the end of October 2018 with Argonauta Records, have just unleashed a brand new music video to the song Zebra Coat Cobra Head!

Says the band: “This is the official video for the song ‘Zebra Coat Cobra Head’ from our latest album ‘BUKKRAKEN’, which contains some cool video footage that we had from the first leg of our Piss Tour 2018 mixed with some weird sh*t as usual! The song sums up the history of the band and expresses the feeling of being constantly and pleasantly out of place in this society.

Watch Carcharodon‘s brand new video HERE!
Carcharodon started their journey as a power trio in 2003, inspired by a concept of the Nattero brothers, Boggio & Pixo. The band’s intent is to mix extreme metal with blues and heavy doom tunes. After several demos, split records as well as two critically acclaimed studio albums, followed by numerous shows all over Europe and the States, Carcharodon are getting back to their roots as a trio thanks to their new drummer Nuzzi, which helped the band to record their best and massive sounding album to date. Their blistering new record, Bukkraken, is available to purchase the THIS LOCATION!
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Melodic death metal hope, APHYXION premieres
epic and cinematic, new music video!



Danish melodic death metal act Aphyxion has all the hallmarks of a metal band that could be the next big thing. Hot on the heels of their third record Void, which dropped May 10th on Prime Collective, the band strikes just the right balance of melody, groove and brutality that characterizes the modern metal sound. Having released three albums to date, accompanied by more than 100 shows all over Europe in within two years only, and that all at the age of 24, with their blistering mix between modern death metal and melodic metalcore breaking the genre borders, the five-piece power unit continues with an album that will elevate the band to a new level. Aphyxion has pushed and perfected their sound even further with songs that will warm the neck muscles, make you loose your voice and press replay again and again.

Now Aphyxion impress with a brand new video for the album title track Void – which is not just another music clip, but an epic and cinematic masterpiece! Just recently premiered with Metal Injection, you can now watch Aphyxion‘s incredible music film HERE!

Void is out now on CD, VINYL and Digital formats with Prime Collective, and available at:


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Heavy rockers GRAN DUCA premiere first music video, Fly with Me!



Dirty and mean, innovative and intelligent song structures, Germany’s up and coming, heavy rock power unit Gran Duca are set to release their first full-length album, Beneath Thy Roots, this summer on June 28th! Gran Duca deliver an exciting mix of raw stoner sounds, complex progressive vibes and a healthy dose of classic rock qualities. 70’s retro tunes and a heavy 90’s groove without platitudes, this band tastefully knows how to please the old and new school rock fan. Fuzzy and distorted guitars, thick and deep rhythm lines, raw and authentic vocals, the eleven songs on Beneath Thy Roots are same inventive as catchy. But let the music speak for itself, as Gran Duca have just premiered their first music video via Rock Hard Magazine! Check out the heavy as hell rock track Fly with Me and watch the band’s brand new video right HERE!


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Fuzz and power rock unit WOLF PRAYER unleash Shapeshifter video clip!
Debut album Echoes Of The Second Sun coming July 5th on Barhill Records!



Since their formation in 2015 and the release of their self- titled EP, wolf prayer create a variation of dry-to-the-bone-riffing and atmospheric sounds taking you on a wild ride of fuzzy guitars, characteristic and versatile vocals, strong hypnotic bass lines and hard drum beats that wake you up and take you straight to another heavy trip. The band’s upcoming album, Echoes Of The Second Sun, has been recorded and mixed at the Love Station Studio with a blistering master by Grammy Award winning Emil Berliner Studios. Just recently, wolf prayer have premiered their first single and music video for Shapeshifter with The Obelisk, get your ears and eyes on it right HERE!


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Death of All: Low-tuned UK rockers MORASS OF MOLASSES
premiere fierce new video!

The Ties That Bind coming this June on Wasted State!



June 7th will see Swamp master generals of the Reading scene, Morass of Molasses, return with their sophomore album on Wasted State Records. The low-tuned trio creates the kind of lumbering heavy blues riffs which induce involuntary head nodding; finally Morass of Molasses awake from a brief slumber and emerge from the shadows to deliver their latest musical offering, The Ties That Bind! Taking on an altogether more earthly visage, this album is framed by themes of human connection. It delves into the deep-rooted interactions we share with each other and ourselves. The Dark Forest motif that runs throughout this collection is the manifestation of these themes and uses familiar archetypes to guide us on this journey. While the band just premiered their new video for the song Death of All with Doomed & Stoned, the clip is now available HERE!


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Seattle’s mathcore duo POUND breaks metal minds with brand new video!



Seattle duo Pound returns with its sophomore album, ••, this Friday May 31st in vinyl and digital formats via Silent Pendulum Records, the NYC-based underground label owned by Downfall of Gaia’s drummer Michael Kadnar.

Titled simply with two dots, Pound‘s upcoming second album is a tour-de-force that makes entirely new magic out of the formulas put forth on 2018’s self-titled debut. Pound‘s debut wowed with its exuberant mix of chaos and groove, but on •• the songs power forward with new, unshakable strength and efficiency.

Pound‘s gear is truly as unique as its sound: Guitarist Ryan Schutte plays a baritone 9-string guitar and David Stickney plays two drumkits, positioned at a 90-degree angle! In the absence of other instruments, the listener can fully absorb every detail of the duo’s playing. Both musicians play as though their instruments are literally their voices. Check out Pound’s latest new video out of 4 released so far, just exclusively celebrated its premiere on The clip for the mind-breaking track x-_x-_x-x-x-_x-_x-_x-x-_x-x- is now available on Youtube HERE!


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