THE FERRYMEN – ‘The Ferrymen’

Audio: ‘Ferryman’

Lyric Video: ‘Still Standing Up’


JORN – ‘Life On Death Road’

Video: ‘Life On Death Road’

Video: ‘Love Is The Remedy’

Lyric Video: ‘Man Of The 80’s’


RADIATION ROMEOS – ‘Radiation Romeos’

Video: ‘Radiation Romeos’

Audio: ‘Castaways’

Video: ‘Ocean Drive’

Audio: ‘Like An Arrow’


SECRET SPHERE – ’The Nature Of Time’

Lyric video: ‘Courage’

Audio: ‘Faith’

DGM – ‘Passing Stages : Live In Milan And Atlanta’

Video: ‘Trust’


PRIMAL FEAR – ‘Angels Of Mercy : Live In Germany’

Video: ‘The End Is Near’

Video: ‘Metal Is Forever’


June 2017 releases promo video :




MR. BIG – ’Defying Gravity’

Recorded in Los Angeles in under a week, the boundless result of the undoubted musical talent within 

Mr. Big is ‘Defying Gravity, the group’s ninth original studio album and the follow-up to 2014’s ‘The Stories

We Could Tell’. Original members Eric Martin (lead vocals), Paul Gilbert (guitars), Billy Sheehan (bass) and

Pat Torpey (drums) reunited with producer Kevin Elson (who also helmed the band’’s 1989 self-titled debut,

1991’’s ‘Lean Into It’ and 1993’’s ‘Bump Ahead’) for an intensive six day recording session in LA. Torpey was

unable to perform on some songs due to a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, with Matt Starr filling in

for him. ““It was great to get back in the studio with our original producer”,” says guitarist Paul Gilbert. “”Kevin

Elson recorded all of our classic albums from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, and we immediately felt that magic chemistry

with him on this new record. We basically played live in the studio. Over the years, we’’ve all had a chance to

experiment with every recording technique possible, but it’’s still always the best just to play together as a band.

Most of my guitar solos were tracked live with the band. I’’ve worked hard on my improvisation in the last few

years and it really paid off on this record, both melodically and on the face-melting stuff.”” Mr. Big is currently

gearing up for the launch of their latest worldwide tour, which will include UK dates in the autumn.

Audio: ‘1992’


TEN – ‘Gothica’

One of the best and most consistent melodic hard rock bands around, ’Gothica’ is full of the trademark 

textures and flavours that fans have come to expect during TEN’s two decade plus career. It is also their

darkest album to date. ‘Gothic’ is cinematic in every sense, embracing history, romance and erotic horror

in equal measure. As listeners, we are transported from the darker side of human nature to the nocturnal

supernatural, a dramatic realm of nightmares and the forbidden. A web of musically elaborate spells,

evoking embers that spark the imagination courtesy of the classic songwriting of vocalist Gary Hughes.

Following the artistically successful albums ‘Albion’ and ‘Isla De Muerta’, Hughes is joined again by

guitarists Dann Rosingana, Steve Grocott and John Halliwell along with bassist Steve McKenna,

keyboard maestro Darrel Treece-Birch and drummer Max Yates. On this third outing as a collective unit,

they have raised the bar on a record that is packed with stunning musicianship over which Hughes’

rich vocals bring the nuances of his intricate lyrics to life. ‘Gothica’ is produced by Hughes and mixed 

and mastered by Dennis Ward. It also features stunning artwork by Stan W. Decker.

Audio: ‘Paragon’



RIVERDOGS – ’California’ 

Original Riverdogs members Rob Lamothe (vocals, guitars), Nick Brophy (bass, vocals) and Vivian Campbell 

(lead guitar), plus long time drummer Marc Danzeisen, have reunited to record their fifth album, ‘California’.

Mixing the soulful vocals of Lamothe with the edgy guitar work of Campbell and solid rhythmic lines of Brophy

and Danzeisen, it marks a definitive return to the sound of their critically acclaimed 1990 self-titled debut album.

Riverdogs formed in Los Angeles at the end of the 80’s, when flashy, glitzy hard rock ruled the day, but the

group were determined to avoid clichés and adopted an original sounding blues rock style. Vivian Campbell of

Sweet Savage, Dio and Whitesnake fame (at the time) was initially brought on board to produce the band’s first

demo but was so impressed that he actually became a member and played on the debut album, with Marc

Danzeisen joining Rob, Nick and Vivian to complete the line-up shortly after its release. Although the record

was warmly received, record label politics led to the band splitting, with Campbell joining Def Leppard and

Brophy becoming a respected producer and engineer. Two records were released in 1993 with a reformed

line-up (‘Bone’ and ‘Absolutely Live’), before the group went on an extended hiatus. The original line-up

reconvened in 2003 to record new demos and play a few reunion shows, but it wasn’t until 2011 that a full

studio record, ‘World Gone Mad’, was completed and released. Now, six years on, Riverdogs have crafted 

‘California’, an album that truly recreates the magical sounds of their early days and will be welcomed with

open arms by their fans.

Audio: ‘Welcome To The New Disaster’


ALL 41 – ’World’s Best Hope’

All 41 is a brand new project very close to the heart of each of the four musicians involved in it. With none other 

than Terry Brock (Giant, Strangeways) on lead vocals, Robert Berry (Three, Alliance) on bass and lead vocals,

Gary Pihl (Boston, Sammy Hagar, Alliance) on guitar and Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr. Big) on drums, All 41 is

born of passion and fire. Musically, the quartet gel incredibly well and have produced a superb debut release

that mixes the most melodic moments of  Mr. Big with the more keyboard-laden years of Van Halen along with

obvious nods to Strangeways and Alliance. The dual lead vocals are also a plus point for this wonderful record,

not to mention the excellent production job by Alessandro Del Vecchio that highlights unforgettable melodies.

This is an AOR highlight of the year!

Video: ‘After The Rain’


GRAHAM BONNET BAND – ‘Live…Here Comes The Night’

Legendary rock vocalist Graham Bonnet is back with a new live album and video captured at his (and his 

band’s) acclaimed performance at the 3rd edition of the annual Frontiers Rock Festival in April 2016.

Accompanied by musicians Beth-Ami Heavenstone on bass, South American guitar sensation Conrado

Pesinato and Mark Zonder (Warlord, Fates Warning) on drums, Bonnet delivered a thrilling ‘Best Of’ set

that included songs from his stints with Rainbow, MSG, Alcatraz, Impellitteri and his own solo material.

Bonnet says : “It has been a very long time since I last released a live video, 33 years to be exact (with

Alcatrazz). Myself and the band were very excited to film and record this performance and we are very

happy with the final result!” Bonnet has a powerful and distinctive vocal style and has always preferred to

let his music do the talking. The Graham Bonnet Band has spent the last two years touring regularly

around the world and released a successful new studio album, ‘The Book’, in November 2016.

Video: ‘Jet To Jet’




QUIET RIOT – Road Rage

THE NIGHTS – The Nights  


KRYPTONITE – Kryptonite

CIRCUS MAXIMUS – Havoc : Live In Oslo



01.06.17 BRIGHTON Sticky Mikes Frog Bar (w/Slydigs)

03.06.17 LONDON Camden Rocks Festival (9pm Be At One)

04.06.17 GUILDFORD Boiler Room (w/Slydigs)

05.06.17 MILTON KEYNES Craufurd Arms (w/Slydigs)

24.06.17 WILSTON Wildfire Festival

25.06.17 BIGGAR Wiston Lodge

29.07.17 MAIDSTONE Ramblin’ Man Fair (Grooverider Stage)


23.07.17 SKEGNESS Suncastle

24.07.17 BRISTOL Bierkeller

25.07.17 SWANSEA Sin City

26.07.17 YORK Fibbers

27.07.17 BILSTON Robin 2

28.07.17 MAIDSTONE Ramblin’ Man Fair (Friday At The Fair)

29.07.17 PENTRICH Rock And Blues Festival

30.07.17 BUCKLEY Tivoli


23.07.17 GLOUCESTERSHIRE Amplified Festival


28.07.17 NUNEATON Queens Hall

29.07.17 PENTRICH Rock And Blues Festival

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