MUDSPITTERS release their new single ‘Carry You (Through The Trip)’ on 1st June on Bread & Butter Records.

A new signing to Bread & Butter Records, MUDSPITTERS is a rock trifecta epitomizing modern day frustrations and emotions that people deal with on an everyday basis.

Their first single for the label is the haunting yet deeply alternate rock track ‘Carry You (Through The Trip)’. Intense and at times dark, the song also winds through an almost atmospheric electronica road, topped with Kai Carlton’s poignant and forceful vocals. It shows a band that digs deep on composition and shows that same passion in delivering the finished product.

LISTENCarry You (Through The Trip)’ HERE

L.A. Based MUDSPITTERS are led by Vocalist/guitarist Kai Carlton who interjects grunge inspired vocals with heart wrenching emotive feel and story. Lead guitarist Hunter Boyer clashes tantalizing melodies with multidimensional tones and grit. Drummer Sandra Alva provides a rhythmic structure that compliments the vocals and melodies yet is its own force to be reckoned with.

Emotional lyrics paired with an explosive blues driven wall of sonically pleasing yet tragic essence of our human existence. Together the band explores ways to express themselves through the only what they know how. Look forward to big things from MUDSPITTERS in 2020.

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